The Fairmont State University College of Science & Technology has announced the winners of the 2017 West Virginia Regional Science Fair held Feb. 25 on the FSU campus. About 105 students in grades six through 12 entered projects in Behavioral & Social Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Environmental Science and Biology & Chemistry.

Doddridge County Middle School, Fairmont Catholic, West Fairmont Middle School, St. Francis Central Catholic, Trinity Christian School, Gilmer County Elementary School and East Fairmont Middle School participated in the event.

Winners in grades nine through 12 are invited to participate in the West Virginia State Science & Engineering Fair, also held on the FSU campus on April 1, 2017. Additional information can be found at:



First Place: Erin Frosch; “Eat Colorful”; Fairmont Catholic

Second Place: Audrie Menas; “Age & Reaction Time”; Doddridge County Middle School

Third Place: Kayla Pringle & Madison Minor: “Rethink Your Drink”; Doddridge County Middle School


First Place: Morgan Rogers; “Smoke & Splash”; West Fairmont Middle School

Second Place: Eleni Orphanos; “An Investigation of Tooth Decay”; St. Francis Central Catholic

Third Place: Sarah Hager; “How Do Liquids Affect Teeth?”; West Fairmont Middle School

Fourth Place: Katrina Hyde; “The Effect of Gel Density on the Distance of Bands in Gel Electrophoresis”; Trinity Christian School


First Place: Jaclyn Smith; “The Effect of the Ripeness of Bell Peppers on Vitamin C Content”; Trinity Christian School

Second Place: Hannah Cochran; “Flying High”; Doddridge County Middle School

Third Place: Norah Chase; “The Effect of Cornstarch on the Dissolution Time of Bath Bombs”; Trinity Christian School


First Place: Josiah Sheffstall; “The Effect of Temperature on the Strength of Fishing Line”; Trinity Christian School

Second Place: Theo Zervos; “The Effect of Marble Mass on Its Ability to Loop a Loop on a Roller Coaster”; Trinity Christian School

Third Place (Tie): Joshua Vu; “Don’t be SHOCKED!”; West Fairmont Middle School

Third Place (Tie): Turner Lawrence; “Measuring Concussion Risk in Youth Hockey”; Trinity Christian School


First Place: Joshlynn Boone & Kylie Slagle; “Safest H2O … Tap or Bottle”; West Fairmont Middle School

Second Place: Abbie Shoemaker; “The Effect of Sand, Salt, and Sugar on Percent of Ice Melt”; Trinity Christian School


First Place: Trevor Cooke; “The Effect of Temperature on the Strength of Industrial Magnets”; Trinity Christian School

Second Place: Christian Lake; “Magnetism in Water”; Fairmont Catholic School

Third Place (Tie): Bryce Clampffer; “The Effect of Liquid Densities on the Pitch of a Glass Bottle”; Trinity Christian School

Third Place (Tie): Keaton Forth; “4, 5, 6; Pick Up Paper Clips”; Fairmont Catholic School



First Place: Regan Baker; “The Effect of Temperature on the Bioluminescence of Armillariella mellea”; Trinity Christian School

Second Place: Sarah Seitz; “The Effect of Cinnamon Oil on Streptococcus salivarius”; Trinity Christian School

Third Place: Julia Gillum; “The Effect of Biotrue Contact Solution on Staphylococcus epidermidis”; Trinity Christian School


First Place: Gabriella Johnson; “The Effect of H2O2 on the Chemiluminescence of Luminol”; Trinity Christian School


First Place: Shawnee Jenkins; “The Effect of Vermicomposting on the Nutrient Development of Soil”; Trinity Christian School

Second Place: Isaac Goff; “The Effect of Aquaponics on the Phytoremediation of Fertilizer”; Trinity Christian School