5 Myths About Eating Healthy … And How To Overcome Them

Jill Fratto


I didn’t always eat the way that I do now.  While I always ate basically healthy food, I wasn’t limited in my selections like I am now, as a result of being gluten and dairy sensitive.  Because of that, I get to hear a lot of people’s opinions (a.k.a. reasons they tell themselves), for not eating healthier.

First, let’s talk about what I consider eating healthy.  What it is NOT: eating “low fat”, eating processed “diet products”, jumping on the latest fad diet.  Healthy eating means reducing the processed food in your diet and instead eating real food that contributes to your body’s growth and nourishment.  For some reason, that food gets a bad rap.

Here are the top 5 reasons people tell me they just can’t get over the hump and how you can beat them.

  1. I’m just a creature of habit – stuck in my old ways. We are all creatures of habit, but habits can be broken.  In fact, it takes 21 days to break a habit.  The truth is, it may take you more than 21 days, depending on the habit, but you can do it with the proper motivation, which leads me to my next myth.
  2. I can’t find the motivation. ..let me give you a few.  Better yet, just look around.  How many people do you know who are suffering from heart disease, obesity, stress, and any other chronic, preventable condition?  Are you one of them?  FIND your motivation.  Look at your children or grandchildren and decide if you want them to have these conditions too.  Use someone or something you love to motivate you to feel and live better so that you have more quality time with them.  Stop accepting “mediocre or OK” as your norm.
  3. It’s inevitable. My mom has it (insert chronic disease here), my sister has it, etc.  I was once doing health screenings for health fairs and this was a resounding statement from my clients.  I couldn’t believe that anyone would just accept something like a disease they didn’t even have and not even try to do anything about it.  Heredity matters, but what you do with your life and health determines your fate.
  4. I’m overwhelmed. There is new information all the time about what is best for you.  This is true, but you don’t have to be concerned with it.  It’s true.  Forget about fads and trends.  Start with reducing processed foods, soda, and /or sugary drinks.  It’s that simple.  Eat Real Food.  You know when you are eating something that isn’t helping you feel good.  The alarms go off in your head.  Instead of ignoring them, put the red flag foods down.
  5. “That” food doesn’t taste good. Here is a scientifically proven fact.  The longer you eat healthy food, the more your body will crave it.  Of course you aren’t going to like every food-healthy or not that’s out there.  That’s the great thing about food – there is so much to try and choose from.  Keep trying new things until you find what you do like.  Find a partner and try new recipes.  Open your mind and your body will follow.

I want you to feel good and enjoy life.  What you eat directly impacts that.  Start small and stay focused.  The payoff comes in health, energy, and vitality – and you deserve that.

Wishing you an abundance of health!


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