A Piece Of Its History Was Awarded To The North Central West Virginia Airport Yesterday


Today It Resumes Carrying Passengers To Their Favorite Summer Vacation Destinations

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In addition to carrying passengers to business and vacation destinations, CKB flights also bring nearly 3,000 visitors annually to the local area.

Yesterday, the North Central West Virginia Airport was pleased to host an event honoring the receipt of an antique Tri-County Airport plaque.

“It is a piece of our history and signifies the beginning of this airport,” said NCWVA Director Rick Rock.  “Back in 1934, Harrison, Marion and Taylor Counties joined together with a vision … and look at where we are now!  It puts a lot of things in perspective.”

Private collector James Giuliani stumbled upon this historical treasure from 1934 at an auction.  After purchasing it, he discussed plans for the plaque with Bridgeport historian Dick Duez.  After contacting the Harrison County WV Historical Society, it was decided that it should be returned to the North Central West Virginia Airport.

Mr. Duez noted, “The first airport was near Quiet Dell, which is now the location of Bel Meadows Golf Course.  It wasn’t until 1934 that a commercial airport was developed in Bridgeport.  Now it boasts of the longest airport runway in West Virginia!”

The bronze plaque will take center stage within the airport, Rock said, and they plan add to that by surrounding it with bits and pieces of the airport’s history.

“We want to give credit and recognition to the Historical Society for recommending that this piece of our history be returned to us, and we are very appreciative of that,” Rock continued.

Yesterday’s celebration was followed today by the return of Myrtle Beach flights through Allegiant Airline.  Rock said it served the area well last year and is expected to be a great advantage again this year.

“Now that the school year has come to a close, people are beginning to think ‘vacation’!  Heading to the beach is always a popular leisure destination, and we are excited to have Allegiant’s partnership again, Rock added.  “Last year we extended flights to Myrtle Beach into September because it was so successful, and this year we have already decided to keep those flights available through September 24th.  Last year the flights were on Fridays and Mondays; this year they will be on Thursdays and Sundays.   And of course our Allegiant flights to and from Orlando Sanford International Airport are ongoing.”

NCWVA received many requests for these flights to continue since they are so reasonably priced.  “Area residents really supported these flights, and we value that.  We’re happy to see it continue.  Also, we are currently working on recruiting another carrier for daily service to other destinations.”

The growth and prosperity of North Central West Virginia Airport has created a huge economic impact in the area, creating jobs, generating tax revenues, and contributing to the local economy with visitors utilizing lodging facilities, dining in local restaurants, shopping, and participating in recreational activities.

NCWVA is proud to be ranked #1 in the Allegiant network, Rock stated.  “Allegiant is a great air carrier with low fares, and it is hassle-free travel from our airport.  We offer free parking, great customer service, expedient check-in and security checks.  Why spend a day or two travelling by car when you can fly non-stop so reasonably at CKB?”

To view details about booking your flight, visit online at www.flyckb.com.


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