A Search For Ice Cream Parlors In Fairmont Turned Into An Adventure To Weston Instead!  


Grapevine by Rosalyn Queen Alonso

This past week my cousin Ruby Oldaker and I decided we would take a drive to the Fairmont area and check out the ice cream parlors we had been hearing about.  As we approached I79 the traffic was so bad we decided to head South to Weston. Ruby has an appointment there and we thought we would try to locate the office since neither of us had ever been there. Here we were, two old gray haired ladies without a GPS headed to a place we had never been before.

Upon arriving at Weston we asked two ladies for directions and they were most happy to help us with their GPS on their phones.  We listened and thought we knew where we were going, but after a few wrong turns we finally found the location.

The first thing we learned is that there are two hospitals…The Sharpe and Stonewall Jackson. We thought we may have known this, but were not sure. While driving around we had the opportunity to view the city, and Weston, like most cities, is in need of repair.  Time has taken its toll on the residences.  We were most impressed with the downtown Main Street and its businesses, and the grounds of the Trans Allegheny Insane Asylum were in good shape.

After our tour we decided that we might enjoy a hamburger, so we stopped at McDonalds and after eating our meal, we wanted an ice cream cone, but were told the machine was not operating, but that there was a Dairy Queen up the road which we went in search of.  For some reason we missed it and ended up in Buckhannon; however, we did find a Dairy King there.  Ruby went in and got us two cones which had a least a pint of ice cream in each one; our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.  We decided to come home on the old road instead of the interstate, so we stopped alongside the road and got rid of half of our ice cream so that we could eat the cone. With all that happened, we had a nice evening and our stomachs were full.  We decided that the next time we will head to Fairmont to try their ice cream.

With summer here and more daylight hours, I encourage you to plan little trips just as we did.  Be a little flexible and just let happen what will.   You might want to check out some of the fairs and festivals.  They make great one day vacations.  On June 16 there is the festival in Charleston and there is the Mid Ohio Multi Cultural Festival in Parkersburg.  More information is available if you contact your Visitors Bureau.

My great granddaughter Avery celebrated her second birthday this past week with a great party. I really enjoyed watching the little kids have a good time… especially in the bouncy house.

I hope you have the Tunes at Noon on your calendar. It is held each Wednesday at noon on The Court House Plaza.  The Commission sponsors this and it is a great way to spend your lunch hour.  The PWA sells lunch each Wednesday and it is said that we have the best hot dogs in town.

Stay cool, take care, watch out for the children on the roads and until next week, “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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