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Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Tips presents free, seasonal how-to advice from Larry Whiteley, host of the award-winning Outdoor World Radio show. Each weekly tip offers practical advice to improve your skills.

Tips offered for April include the following: Get in the Weeds for Good Fishing.

Most times if you want to find fish, find weeds.  Practically every species of fish like to spend time in weeds and that means you should, too.

Weeds are where baitfish often congregate to find security, and usually weeds will offer slightly cooler, more oxygen-rich water.

If you locate a school of fish in the weeds, learn everything you can about the cover.  What kind of weeds are they?  How dense are the weeds?  Is the water dingy or clear?  What’s the water temperature?  Is it shaded or sunny?

If the fishing slows down in those weeds, go look for other weeds with the same ingredients and chances are, you’ll find fish there too.

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