Actions taken by the Senior Center Board of Directors at its January 25th meeting were:

  • Committee chairmanship assignments were made by President Margaret Bailey that included Jim Denny as Chair of the Finance Committee, Linda Holyfield as Chair of the Nutrition Committee, Joyce Rabanal as Chair of the Health Committee, and Bill O’Field as Chair of the Marketing Committee.
  • The consideration and unanimous confirmatory vote for the Executive Committee’s recommendation for one time payments of December job performance awards.
  • The consideration and unanimous vote to set preliminary financial goals for the Center’s newsletter advertisements and major fundraising projects which were referred to the Marketing Committee to develop a plan for Board approval and implementation.
  • A referral to provide clarification and revision of the Board’s committees and for the development of Standing Rules was made to the By-Laws Committee.
  • Consideration and unanimous approval was given for the Board President to obtain a proposal for building signage per the Clarksburg Façade program.
  • Consideration and approval was given for the Executive Director to purchase an employee time clock.