West Virginia State Civilian Conservation Corps Museum Association Vice President Reggie Rogers, announces the date of the Annual Civilian Conservation Corps Anniversary Commemoration Day.

Ceremonies will be conducted on Sunday, March 26, 2017 to commemorate the 1933 signing of the Civilian Conservation Corps Bill into law on March 31 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as part of the New Deal to put Americans back to work.

Rogers commented: “We invite the public to come out to commemorate this important historic event at the CCC Museum on the campus of the historic Quiet Dell Grade School, Harrison County.” He stated, “Ceremonies will begin at 1:30 with the welcoming, tribute to Old Glory, National Anthem, Taps in recognition of those who served this Nation in the CCC and the Military, comments by Officials and Guests, and refreshments.” This is the fourteenth year for the “anniversary”.

Attendees may bring CCC memorabilia for display and tour the CCC Museum, the historic grade school, and additions to the campus, as well as the West Virginia Heritage Crafts.

Questions concerning the event or for more information, contact Rogers at 304-969-9110 or Dr. Robert Anderson at 304-842-5194.