Congrats To My Daughter Sara Comer, class of 2017!

From the World of Parks and Recreation
By Doug Comer

For many 18-year old kids, graduation ends a 12-year career of reading, writing and the many other classes that kids take during their school tenure. Many schools will have commencement in the next few weeks, and kids will close the chapter of high school and hopefully prepare for another chapter with college or a trade school. I can proudly say that my little miracle born February 11th, 1999 will pursue a career in education while attending Fairmont State University this fall.

My daughter, Sara Comer, is just like all the other little girls that parents have raised.  You take a great personality, a witty humor, add some drama and a little stress every now and then, and mix it all together and that is my little girl. She is the first of three kids in my family as my son Jake will be a sophomore at Robert C. Byrd, while my other son, 16-month old Costa, is still attending Diaper University. I know, a wide range between the first and third child, and I would not change a thing.

While many kids play different sports throughout school, Sara kept focus on cheerleading. Now commonly known as Competitive Cheer, she was part of the four-time WVSSAC state champions while at RCB. And knowing the hard work and dedication it takes to make a team successful, it proves the drive that she has to succeed. To me, it is amazing how someone can tumble the way they do and make it look so effortless. I commend her and her teammates on such a wonderful career.

While High School can be tough on any kid, summers can be equally as tough as free time can only lead to trouble, as my mom would say. Luckily, my daughter approached me and wanted to work for the Park’s Department on the playground and after filling out the proper paperwork and being interviewed by my boss, he felt that she would be a good fit for a program that we help, called Project ISAAC.

She would help in the mornings with the enrichment program located at Nutter Fort Elementary and aided kids with arts and crafts as well as recreation and other activities that the program develops. Working the 8-noon shift she was complimented by many staff that she worked under. Her hard work did not go unnoticed as she continued to work the Isaac program during the school year (after school program) and was a huge help for the dinosaur enrichment we had in the winter and spring.  She will begin her fourth year working with the Summer Parks program which begins on June 19th.

As a father, I could not have asked for a better kid. She works hard and takes great pride in what she does. She wants to be liked by everyone and makes sure that she is respectful to adults and those she is around. I am a lucky dad to be blessed with three kids and while she will be a young lady crossing that stage getting her diploma in the coming weeks, I will still see the little kid that would crack me up with the funny things she would say.

Congrats Sara Comer, class of 2017!  Love, Dad…..

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