Did I Mention That I Love The Valet Parking At The VA?

Pine Bluff News By Pat Matheny

Last Sunday we hit the Sunset-Ellis Restaurant again for the breakfast buffet. It was nice talking to Sandy and Jim Lane of Lumberport … our kids went to school together.

It was also nice to see John Rice; he was sitting with three lovely ladies (No doubt, one of them was his wife). He asked me if I had a paint brush, because he had just seen a room full of gallon paint cans somewhere and he thought I could use it to paint lines on our road. That would be a start; however, I would prefer using a long handle paint roller.

Monday afternoon it was nasty weather outside (As opposed to inside), so Mr. TurboTax and I corroborated for over four hours on our income tax filings with the Feds and state. I always seem to get the short end of the stick and for God’s sake, they need to shorten the tax code…it’s ridiculous. As I have mentioned before, those tax regulations were put in there over the years by our legislators and you ‘can bet your sweet bibby’ they weren’t put in there to benefit John Q. Public.

Thursday I had another appointment at the Clarksburg VA. This was for a regular six month check up. If you have been keeping track (Maybe you haven’t??), I’ve had three Thursday appointments in a row at the facility and frankly, I’m getting a little sick of going. But, they are doing their best to keep this body a runnin’ and that ain’t  no easy task.  After doing labs, this time I was seen by the doctor a half hour before my appointed time. If they start seeing me any earlier, I won’t even have to leave the house.

While there, I ran into pulmonary specialist Chris Shaw. He said that he always looks forward to reading this article (Gibberish) every week. Since I’ve started writing the column, I think Chris is the fifth person who has told me the same. So, that means the column is starting to catch on after six plus years (Leigh and Mr. Showell should be delighted).  It was good chatting with Chris; he’s a nice guy. Also, it was good chatting with valet parking attendant Amy … She’s a nice lady. Did I mention that I love the valet parking?

On the way home, I stopped at John and Patty’s. John and I talk on the phone every night, but I hadn’t seen his or sis’s face in a while. They are still pretty and handsome as ever. It was also good to see our nephew Brent.

Friday was a beautiful day, so we did a little driving around North Central WV. We ended up eating at Cheddars in Morgantown. I’ve noticed something at a few restaurants that we frequent; I can’t get the pepper to come out of the shakers. By the time I apply enough for my taste, the food is cold and the wrist is worn out. I think they need to drill bigger holes in the pepper shaker lids. I usually open the lid, pour some in my hand and sprinkler to taste, then toss remainder on floor.

There doesn’t seem to be as many birds hanging out at the bird feeder as usual this winter; maybe that’s because I didn’t put them up until late…ticked them off. We’ve spotted cardinals, chickadees, sparrows (Three varieties), doves, tufted titmouse (Titmeeses), blue jays, dark eyed juncos, house finches, northern flickers, wrens, and a few that I’m not quite sure of, yet. You don’t suppose there are transgender problems in the avian world too?

Until next time, have a great week and remember our Veterans.

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