Family Sees Promise In Relocation Of DeMarco’s Meat Market

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Perhaps the small town ‘grapevine’ has reached you with the news that DeMarco’s Meat Market will soon be relocating. But, NO, they are NOT leaving Shinnston!
The family-owned mom & pop store originally opened its doors in Shinnston in 1984 – at 415 Pike Street. They moved just a short distance and across the street to 604 Pike Street in 1992. Now, the building they have occupied for a little over 23 years, is under new ownership and will become a bakery when remodeling is complete. So, they had to find a new location.
As luck would have it, the move is again just a short distance away … back, in fact, very close to their first stomping grounds – at 417 Pike Street! The family is “hoping” that by June 1st, everything will be moved into place and all the decorating done so they can open their doors right next to what was their original location!
Not much has changed through the years. Sadly, the passing of “pop” DeMarco is probably the most significant change. But, according to son and Shinnston mayor Sammy DeMarco, “mom” is still at the helm, and as he aptly describes her, she is a “workhorse”!
“When we learned that we would have to find a new location, we discussed just closing the store, but my mother was adamantly against that idea!” he remarked. “So we all have pitched in to help her – kids, their spouses, grandkids, nieces and nephews. Luckily, with a large family, finding workers is never a problem!”
Moving will often bring about at least a few changes, and the DeMarco family feels that this move may be advantageous. First of all, it puts them a little closer to the ‘heart’ of the downtown area and perhaps make them a little more visible. And, secondly, the new locale gives them an opportunity to create a new look! They are incorporating a little more of an Italian theme in the décor. Sam noted that the new store has all wood floors and with some décor additions, it will resemble more of what you might see in Pittsburgh’s strip district.
A few things will not change. For instance, you will still find meats and cheeses, their ‘most popular’ Italian sausage, Italian olives, slab bacon, fresh cut-to-order rib-eye steaks, and custom party trays – along with everyday grocery items. However, you may find a few more spaghetti sauces and specialty spaghetti items on hand.
The store will of course remain a family-run business and they will observe the same hours – Monday through Friday from 5:15 AM to 8 PM, on Saturdays from 7 AM to 5 PM, and Sundays from 7 AM to noon.
Just as each sunset gives way to a new dawn, the DeMarco family is keeping that positive attitude. Although moving many sizable coolers, large freezers, shelving and counters has been no small undertaking, they still believe that the ‘rainbow’ of this scenario is that it also promises a fresh beginning!
The family plans to host an “opening celebration” in the near future.
“DeMarco’s Meat Market has been a Shinnston business for more than three decades, and we have developed many friends and regular customers. So many people have offered to help us with the move, and we are very appreciative of that. Lots of our community residents have been so very supportive, and we thank them as well. We hope they will continue to be patient with us as we get settled in our new location. It will just be a few more days, and then we’ll be open for business and ready to welcome everyone,” DeMarco concluded.DeMarco's Meat Market photo

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