Here’s What The PWA Has “Cooking” At Clarksburg’s Uptown Event Center

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Listen … you don’t have to wait for the “official” arrival of Spring to thaw your disposition!  When the glee of the holiday season has passed, we all tend to get a little grumpy about being stuck inside and wonder just how long winter will last.

We’ve experienced a little sunshine lately; yet we still wonder if snowy weather will return in late March or April.  Don’t “stew” about it … the Progressive Women’s Association (PWA) may have a remedy to help lift your spirits!

Several years ago, the PWA made some drastic changes to what was formerly the YWCA building in Clarksburg.  The facility more or less underwent an “extreme makeover” and became a fully functional, inviting facility.  From birthday parties, showers and receptions to square dancing in the ballroom and local theater and concert performances, what is now known as the Uptown Event Center can be utilized for a great number of things.

While the Uptown Event Center can be rented by individuals to host their own special occasions, PWA members still sponsor events of their own, hoping to continue to gain exposure.  Perhaps the best part is, many of their planned events are absolutely free!

One such FREE programming is upcoming.  It will include a series of 11 classes of hands-on cooking featuring Deaonna Crowe as the instructor.  It will cover a variety of health food choices with recipes, food sampling, food preparation and even giveaways!  The course is being sponsored in part by The Produce House and Clarksburg Farmer’s Market.  And because the Progressive Women’s Association is now a United Way agency, this event is also sponsored partly by the United Way of Harrison County.

If you’re looking for a reason to get out of the house, experience some fellowship with others with a similar interest, enjoy some “tastings”, and learn how to do it yourself, this may be for you!  Each course will feature something different.

Although the subject may change due to what supplies are available, listed below is a class schedule:

  • March 3 – Fruits (including yogurt, preparing three types of oatmeal, granola and fried apples)
  • March 24 – Beverages (sample various types of milk from 1% to almond milk, preparing herbal teas, smoothies, chocolate dip spoons for coffee, homemade hot chocolate and fruit wafers). Guest speaker will be a South American coffee plantation owner.
  • April 7 – Soups & Salads
  • May 19 – Cereal & Breads
  • June 23 – Dinners
  • July 21 – Eggs
  • August 18 – Fish & Shellfish
  • September 22 – Kids Lunches
  • October 20 – Meats & Poultry
  • November 10 – Menus
  • December 8 – Vegetables

The Uptown Event Center’s fully commercial kitchen is calling you!  It will be a fun experience in a relaxed atmosphere, and one more perk – – what you learn may inspire you to experiment with some new things in your kitchen at home.  Your family will be delighted to reap the rewards from what you have learned.

Come and see what’s cookin’ at the Uptown Event Center.  REGISTER NOW!  Call the Uptown Event Center to register at 304-624-6881 or stop by in person at 305 Washington Avenue, Clarksburg.

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