Landslide Causes Road Closure In Marion County

A section of US 250 in Marion County between Holbert Road (250/20) and Mary Lou Retton Drive (250/55) was closed due to safety concerns after a landslide occurred on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.
Over the next three days, the West Virginia Division of Highways observed continued slide activity on the steep slope above the roadway. The WVDOH Geotechnical Unit surveyed the site and found unstable rock and large trees which are likely to slide in the future. Due to these concerns, the unstable material will be removed before the road is opened to traffic.
The WVDOH is making every effort to expedite the slide remediation work. Maintenance of the detour route (Holbert Road to Marion Lou Retton Drive) will be a priority while this section of US 250 remains closed.

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