Leaving Wednesday For The 145th Combat Aviation Battalion Reunion In New Orleans

Pine Bluff News
By Pat Matheny

 Last Sunday, we had a very enjoyable dinner at the FOP Restaurant in Nutter Fort with Bernadine and Debbie. I can’t call Deb the Ding Dong Lady anymore, because she’s getting out of the business.

Monday through Thursday, several PB CEOS members spent from early morning until late afternoon each day making 290 homemade pies from orders for the sale. The proceeds are going to the PB Church. Those involved were Julia Martin, Jeannette Smith, our Thelma Martin, Pastors Buzzy and Martha Holbert, Guy and Becky Goff, Martha and Postal Martin, Mary Pat Lake, Donna Wyke, Terry and Sharon Matheny of Florence, SC, Susie, and our Santana. Santana came to help her grandma and the other members. She had to leave a couple of times on Wednesday and Thursday to take final exams at FSU and then she would come back to the building…good kid (My pinkie). Terry and Sharon had come in to visit with his sister Donna, so she put them to work helping at the building.

About half of the aforementioned members were at the community center Friday exchanging the pies for money from the people who had placed orders.

Wednesday evening, our nephew Joe Matheny of Ft. Mitchell, AL, plus Lee and #3 Shane stopped by for a nice visit. We sat on the patio until dark and then moved inside. I found out that the mosquitoes are back…actually, Lee found that out for me. It had already sucked out a thimbleful before he exterminated it. He’s a good son; he took one for the old man.

Friday morning, my dear friend Terry Robey of Feathers Hill stopped in to see me. However, Susie had to wake me up. I’ve mentioned before that I ain’t a morning person. I always enjoy talking with Terry. I printed him out a copy of a story concerning the death of Eddie Hamrick of Shinnston. He was killed in Vietnam on 11, Jan ‘70. He was a Crew Chief on a Huey gunship. In the story, the Gunner gives his accounting of the incident. If interested go to the following website, http://underwoodconsulting.org/134thahc/Storiesof134.htm. Click on story #35 ‘The Crash of 151- and Three Days of Escape and Evasion’ by Richard Tipple. It is well worth the read.

In the afternoon, Patty with Miss Aubrey stopped in and was closely followed by Lee (it was his Birthday). It’s hard to believe that our son is 50 years old. A good friend once told me that you’re not old until you’re son is a grandfather…that kind of puts it in perspective for me because I’m now there.

For Mothers Day, Susie wanted to have a little cook out with the family on the patio. So, my job was to make sure that it happened…I even bought a new grill. Everything went off without a hitch Sunday, if you don’t count the vehicle accident that happened in front of the house. Things really livened up then. Thankfully, there were only non-life threatening injuries.

We will be leaving Wednesday to attend the 145th Combat Aviation Battalion being held this year in New Orleans. We’re going to take Santana with us again; she just adores the people, plus she takes great care of Grandma and Grandpa. We’re going to fly down to this reunion out of Pittsburgh. Santana has never flown in an airplane before, so she’s all excited about that, although she flew in a Huey at the last reunion held two years ago at Ft. Rucker, AL…two entirely different experiences. So, if I’m AWOL next week, you’ll know why.

Until next time, have a great week and remember our Veterans.


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