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The Shinnston News & Harrison County Journal has named Hunter Davis as September’s Citizen of the Month, a program sponsored by Dorsey Funeral Home – locally owned and operated.
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HUNTER DAVIS Photo by Buffington
Photo by Buffington

During the first week of school, teachers and staff around the county were treated to a series of speakers representing various perspectives on the importance of education. These were “straight from the horses’ mouths” speakers, students from different grades and backgrounds, all speaking honestly about themselves and the impact teachers have made in their lives. Among the speakers was Hunter Davis, a senior at Liberty High School, who captivated the audience with his humor, honesty, and humility.
Davis, as he pointed out, represents so many of the characteristics that make up a classroom. He is an athlete, a musician, a leader, a follower, a volunteer, an artist, a singer, a Christian, and an outdoors enthusiast. This complex collection of labels, however, doesn’t begin to capture his giving spirit and his unique ability to see the good in people and situations.
As Davis prepares to graduate this year, he will take many awards and recognitions along with the memories of his time at Liberty High School. He was named the Young Writers Award Winner for Harrison County and was selected to attend Boys State and the Washington Journalism and Media Conference National Youth Correspondent. He has maintained a 4.0 GPA while taking an academically rigorous schedule, including AP, Honors and college classes.
In addition to his academics, Davis has also excelled both artistically and athletically. Playing soccer and tennis for LHS has been a big part of his high school career. Additionally, he has participated in Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble and the Award-winning Liberty High School Marching Band. He even served as Drumline Captain the past two years.
According to Davis, he credits his band director for teaching him a lot about discipline, and he noted that all of his teachers throughout his school years instilled in him the importance of setting goals and exhibiting compassion for others.
His spirit of service has been proven with his involvement in the Student Council, National Honor Society, and Spanish Honorary. He has served as a class president and an executive officer and has been active in nearly every aspect of the LHS Theater, including a lead role in the upcoming season’s feature.
Outside of school, Davis volunteers at area nursing homes, serves on the Clarksburg Mayor’s Youth Council, and is active in projects serving The Mustard Seed, The Clarksburg City Mission, and more. He is also a leader in his church, serving for three years as a Lutheran youth officer representing our state. His generosity and commitment spills across state lines as he has been involved with mission trips around the U.S., participated in the 100 Wells Challenge, and represented the state in a leadership summit in Michigan.
Davis’ parents, Jim and Lynn Davis of Clarksburg, could not be more proud of their son. “He uses his gifts to make the world a better place,” said his mother.
When he leaves in the spring to study graphic design, writing and psychology, he will take his faith, generosity, and humor to another group of people, and hopefully his spirit will cause a ripple effect of inspiration all over campus.

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