New Casey’s In Shinnston Brings Family Atmosphere & New Menu Selections

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Pictured above are two generations of the Scudere family who continue to expand their ‘mom and pop’ restaurant business.  Seated in front are Liz and Jim Scudere; back row (l-rt) are Angela Kudurogianis, James Scudere, Thomasina Scudere and Sara Rose Scudere.
Sink your teeth into some wings at Casey’s in Shinnston! They have FIVE flavors to choose from … and don’t worry if they are a little messy! It’s the flavor that counts. Photo by Katie Hanlon of Tiny Mountain Creative.
Eggs and bacon? Pancakes? Omelet? French toast? Biscuits and gravy? You’ll find lots of breakfast items on the menu at Casey’s in Shinnston; there is something for everyone! Photo by Katie Hanlon of Tiny Mountain Creative.

Everyone who is familiar with “Casey’s Restaurant” knows that it has long been associated with the Scudere family.

Since purchasing Casey’s from the Sabo family eons ago, Jim says they elected to keep the same name …. But as the years have gone by, they have added other locations, which now number SEVEN.  One is a convenience store, while several of the others offer a food menu.

Adding to that, Casey’s in Shinnston is now open again – but with some changes.  Jim said that when the former tenant moved out a couple of months ago, so many people began to ask him if he was going to re-open with another Casey’s location.  Answering those pleas, they are back ‘by popular demand’!

Scudere has owned the Pike Street, Shinnston building since 1988 and decided it was time for some updates.  The facility was closed for approximately a month while some interior cosmetic improvements were made.  They also upgraded the kitchen to accommodate offering an expanded menu.  As of Friday, April 21st, they reopened the doors.

Jim and his wife Liz have been in the restaurant business since 1984 and since their number of businesses has grown by so many, they have begun sharing the workload with their children.  Three of their ‘mom and pop’ restaurants are now being managed by mom and pop’s kids – James (Jimbo’s Burrito’s in Gypsy), Sara Rose (Casey’s in Anmoore), and Thomasina (Casey’s in Shinnston).  Liz still runs the “hub” of their businesses – Casey’s in Enterprise – overseeing all the kitchens in addition to handling the catering.

Thomasina commented, “I’ve been gone for a number of years and have lived in Miami for nine years.  I came back home because of family.  Our parents have worked all their lives and now it is our turn to help them, and we are happy to do it.   Our mother makes sure everything is going just right in all the kitchens, and even though my brother, sister and I are all adults now, we know mom is the person we can call if we need help.”

Thomasina, a 2002 graduate of Lincoln High School, graduated from WVU in 2006 with a degree in Industrial Engineering.  She went on to earn a Master’s Degree from Florida International University.  She has worked for the military and as a civilian and is accustomed to a change in environment, so moving back home and entering the family’s restaurant business is simply her newest venture, but hopefully a permanent one.

“It feels like a new place to me now that I’ve returned, but I’m excited to initiate some new menu items in addition to what was offered before.  And I’m trying to update menus; I love to bake so I’ll be adding some desserts; and we have a new website ( that puts us a little more in the digital age!” she said.

Many of the old casual favorites are still on the menu such as the Giovanni, the Heart of Town Hoagie, the Big Sam Hot Sausage Sandwich, etc.  Some of the new items will include crispy wings in five flavors, pizza, a delicious BLT, spinach salad and an extensive variety of burgers.

Casey’s in Shinnston opens Monday through Saturday at 7 a.m., so their breakfast menu will feature some new additions as well – such as omelets with a variety of fillings … or try blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes!  On Sundays they open a little later at 10 a.m. so you might be in the mood for a somewhat heartier breakfast.  If so, you can enjoy Sunday’s breakfast special – all you can eat pancakes and sausage for just $5.99!

Jim noted, “We really want this to become known as another one of our ‘family’ restaurants, a place for people to come and bring their kids and enjoy time together.  We are glad to see that just since we’ve reopened in Shinnston, we have some groups that meet here for breakfast once a week.  And we are conveniently within walking distance for downtown merchants or shoppers to stop by and try one of our lunch specials as well.”

Jim particularly thanked the City of Shinnston who he said had been very helpful throughout their remodeling process, as well as the citizens of the community for their continued support.

Liz added, “We have an all new kitchen staff here at Casey’s in Shinnston and several of the wait staff as well are new, so everyone is still somewhat in the learning process.  We appreciate everyone being patient while they learn a new routine, but we’re happy to be open again and offering casual Italian food to the community.”

Thomasina concluded, “I am also excited to begin participating in Shinnston’s new ‘Wind Down Wednesday’ activities that will begin in May and be held one evening a month.  It is an opportunity for us to get involved and invest in our community.  I know that what you give comes back to you so we’re anxious to get on board with that.”

Casey’s in Shinnston will be open seven days a week.  Restaurant hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sundays.  If you want to call ahead to place an order for pickup, the number is 304-592-1112.

It seems the Scudere family always finds a way to bring something to the area that is needed, and now that a second generation of their family has joined them, they have had time to complete another project that has been ongoing for nearly four years!  Recognizing that the area was in need of a facility for events, they purchased the former Mouser Building in Enterprise several years ago and have been remodeling there as well.  Located right next to Casey’s in Enterprise, it is convenient for Liz to assist anyone who might be interested in renting the area for receptions, showers, birthday parties, etc.  Catering for these events will also be available.

“We dug out the entire hill behind the building to accommodate parking,” she stated.  “It’s been a work in progress for several years now and has a comfortable seating capacity for up to 250 people.  It has already been utilized for several catered events and we hope that this facility will serve the area well and be used more in the future.”

Why do they continue to grow?  Jim says they see possibilities and think ahead.  As a family-run business, now that their children are involved, he is confident that someday they will continue to carry on the family tradition.

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