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Another new business has set up shop in Shinnston and opened its doors last week. Owner Jennifer O’Dell says that she and her husband looked for months for the right storefront and finally found it at 311 Pike Street in Shinnston.
Residents of Ida May, the O’Dells are first-timers at owning their own business but state they are impressed with what a nice community Shinnston is … and already they’ve had plenty of traffic!
The business name is prominent on the storefront window – “Relic Re-Creations” – and the name speaks for itself. Inside, customers will find many relics, many of which have been re-created!
Finding aged things appealing, Jennifer says she and her husband frequently visit auctions. “We enjoy giving old things a new purpose,” she stated. “And we’ve already discovered that we’re not the only ones! For instance, one of our first customers was pleased to find a large selection of old and larger sized Mason jars in our shop. She plans to give her kitchen a country look and will use them to store and display dry goods. Another customer was glad to find four matching old windows in good shape.”
Perhaps it is the growing popularity of reducing waste (recycling), that folks have now discovered that with a little innovation, one person’s waste can be transformed into another’s new and unique treasure. Call it creative reuse.
Here’s another example. The couple came across an old sewing machine; however, the sewing machine itself was missing. No problem …. Jennifer’s husband plans to salvage the bottom of the old has-been and crown it with a table top. It will become useful again and probably be a wonderful conversation piece as well.
Jennifer added, “There are many interesting and nostalgic stories that accompany many of the pieces that come through our doors!”
An antique spinning wheel is also on display (and for sale) at Relic Re-Creations … along with a couple of old school desks and a large, aged barn door that is authentic; it was taken right off of an old barn. Apparently someone thought it was of no use, but with a little inspiration and creativity, who knows what new life might be breathed into this old worn relic!
“As I talk with the people who stop in, I ask them what they’d live to see and find. We’ll take that feedback and bear it in mind as we look for things to bring into the shop,” Jennifer continued.
Jennifer enjoys crafting too and stages where things are displayed in the shop. Her husband, although he works a full time job elsewhere, spends a lot of his free time doing some of the re-creating.
“He loves to do woodworking and he has resources to research the value of old, antique items,” she said.
Relic Re-Creations is stocked with antiques, up-cycled items, and things that have potential for those who lean toward the primitive look. Everything is hand-picked, homemade or up-cycled. The store is not a pawn shop, but they will buy, sell and trade for the “right” relic!
Stop by and welcome Relic Re-Creations to the community! Store hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays, and from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Saturdays. If you’d like more information, call 304-365-9777.

Jennifer O’Dell, owner of Relic Re-Creations is pictured above in her new shop on Pike Street in Shinnston, where old things are given a new purpose.
Jennifer O’Dell, owner of Relic Re-Creations is pictured above in her new shop on Pike Street in Shinnston, where old things are given a new purpose.