Notre Dame Freshman Offers Investing Advice


Alessandro Cava

While most high school students are struggling to drag themselves out of bed, Alessandro Cava is up early to study the earning reports of companies. Introduced to the stock market by his father and grandfather, Cava is using Investopedia to sharpen his investing skills until he has the resources to invest his own funds.

Until then, Cava is passionate about helping others make money by offering his advice on Youtube and Twitter. He started “The Stock Table” as a way to share information on companies that he has researched and analyzed.

Cava said, “If my advice can help people make money that is the biggest gain for me. I would like to show people that investing is not gambling if you do it correctly.”

Cava started “The Stock Table” about a month ago and patterns his techniques on TV personality Jim Cramer, who Cava says is one of his role models.

Alessandro Cava lives in Bridgeport, WV and is the son of Jim and Laura Cava. He is a freshman at Notre Dame High School and can be reached at 304-203-8411. Follow him on Twitter @thestocktable.


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