From The World Of Parks & Recreation
By Doug Comer

sportsWe have had it rough for the last few weeks.
We had to shovel snow as high as 13” and witnessed weather dipping into the single-digits and to top things off, all the high waters. But I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel.
It always seems that the weekend of the Boy’s state basketball championship brings good weather and I hope it continues to carry through into 2015. We deserve it!
The Harrison County Parks and Recreation has extended the dinosaur exhibit till the first week of April, which allows more opportunities to visit the exhibit. Director Mike Book discusses the positive change to the schedule.
“We have been plagued with bad weather and it is disappointing because the kids don’t get the chance to participate in the enrichments we run in the morning sessions,” said Book. “However, we spoke with Ray Garton at Prehistoric Planet and we were given an extension through April 3rd to allow for make-up dates.”
When the weather has been cooperative, the public has taken advantage of the exhibit.
“On average, when we have had good weather, we have had upwards of 400 people a weekend visit the facility and peek around at the museum quality pieces we have on property,” related Recreation Specialist Jeff Wetzel. “We want to personally thank those who have sent in responses to our County Commission. Public awareness of what we have to offer here at the Rec Complex makes our program successful.”
The Parks and Rec has had some growing pains with the hours of operation and Book explains what happened and how it was corrected.
“Last year, we were open on Tuesdays. But this year we decided to work Wednesday through Friday evenings and then the weekends. The problem is there are some old links showing up from last year that were shared by various internet sources. Besides our Facebook page, the easiest thing to do is pick up the phone and call.”
Youth basketball wrapped up its season last weekend. Again, suffering from the school cancellations and our “No School – No Play” policy, the season was shortened because of the carry over into spring sports like baseball and soccer. I want to thank the coaches and other volunteers that take time out to help with the kids. Without all of you, we would never be able to make it possible.
High School Rec hoops wrapped up Friday night ending a good season. The league is open to all players who are in high school and do not represent the school in basketball. While the plays are not as orchestrated to the liking of Bob Huggins, the skill levels are equal to what you see on a Friday night at your local high school gymnasium.
“Almost all the kids that play in our league have played either middle or high school basketball as the skill level shows on the court,” remarked Jack Cann, Recreation Specialist. “Most teams run the basic pass-and-screen away philosophy and have had success while some actually have plays that they learned at some level of play. The kids are very athletic and the games have been very entertaining.”
Lastly, the “Harrison WE Can” program starts on April 7th, but at a different venue than last year. The United Hospital Center has opened its doors to the program as the Recreation Complex has scheduling conflicts with the program dates. Registration can be done either online or through the parks and recreation. To register by phone please contact the HCPR at (304) 423-7800.