Parks & Rec Host Free Concert!

Do you like music? Well, if you do, then we have a full day of fun and music awaiting you on Sunday, October 18th at the Harrison County Recreation Complex, as local bands sports will be on stage for a free concert. The bands play classic and southern rock and the event will start around 1:30 pm and continue to play up to 4:30 pm.
“We are extremely excited to be hosting a free concert to the area,” said Bill Webb, Facilities Manager. “It gives the people of Harrison County something to do on a Sunday afternoon. The bands are local and the music is for all types of families to enjoy.”
While the bands will be the main attraction for the day, the purpose of the day is to give the public an idea of what goes on at the Recreation Complex. Recreation Specialist Jeff Wetzel, who plays an important role in the enrichment programs, explains what the public is in store for.
“Right now we are in stage one of our enrichment programs – Outdoor Adventures. Children ranging from Pre-K through 6th grades will visit our area and learn about the environment and do various activities that involve the outdoors like GPS, compass reading and life-long sports. And all activities meet the requirements necessary for the Board of Education regulations.”
But wait! There is more to offer.
Do you still have those old blue plastic boxes that have the hot wheels logo on the top and shelves inside to store all your favorite 1/64th scale cars from your youth? Well, if you do, wipe off the dust and bring them Sunday to the HCPR for our Hot Wheels drag race track.
Starting at 11:00 am for registration and the first race at 11:30, you will have the chance to see who has the fastest Hot Wheels cars in the area. Kenny Carter, who is the owner of the track, boasts that his 50-foot track is the longest in the country. He has been here previously for a fundraiser for the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department and the place was packed with participants.
“Hot Wheels racing has taken on a new perspective in collecting,” said Wetzel. “Kenny (Carter) says he has seen cars of all ages compete, even as far back as the early 70s. But, it is not just about the race as it exposes youngsters to a world of collecting. Just like baseball cards and other collectables, Hot Wheels cars surprisingly have value based on rarity and limited production of the cars.”
For those who want to spend the day and visit the entire facility they can take a walk on our interpretive trail, which can be entered by the second pavilion. The ½ mile trail has over 30 different species of trees as well as a graveyard towards the end of the trail. The burial area was designated for those who lived on the poor farm where the HCPR complex sits today.
“We encourage everyone to take advantage of the day,” said Director Mike Book. “Besides the music and the races, we offer many activities for the people to take part in. The pavilions for gathering of families, the playground area for kids to play on and, of course, our trail, which tells stories about what wildlife offers us on a daily basis.”sports

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