“Passport To Paris” Was Theme Of Lincoln High School’s 2017 Prom

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1st Row, left to right: Hope Bray, Lauren Brooks, Saylor Beezel, Sydney Jett, Jaye Carvelli, Haley Elder, Maralisa Marra, Brenna Riley, Jade DeBerry, Parris Parsons, Gracey Lamm, Delani Watson, Olivia Gianntino, Kearstyn Richards, Anthony Tate, Kendal DeMarco and Hunter McGary.  2nd Row, left to right: Justin Hughes, Harrison Arco, David Akers, Matt Fleece, Michael Brennan, Cory Fazalare, Jordan Gump, Jonathan Leep, Kobie Carpenter, Izzik Haymond,  Alec Gemondo, Dylan Mano and Branson Fazzani.  The little members of the Court stand in front – Crown Bearer Braxton Toth and Flower Girl Addison Osbourn.

Who wouldn’t enjoy getting all dressed up to spend at least one night in Paris?  Students at Lincoln High School attending the Junior-Senior Prom had that opportunity recently!

Best known as the final social event of the school year, the prom was held at Lincoln High School … and certainly, it was worth getting dressed up for!  The theme for the evening was “Passport to Paris”, and as couples arrived from the airport, valet parking was provided by fathers of the students.  Couples then passed by many sites that might be taken in along the Parisian streets – a café, flower shop, and even the Moulon Rouge cabaret!

Paris is also recognized as a city abounding in designer boutiques … and students were attired in true ‘designer’ fashion – appearing in striking tuxedos and gowns to impress friends and family present for the occasion.

Social time was from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m., followed by a dinner catered by parents as well.  The coronation took place at 8 p.m.

Members of the Court were introduced:

– Saylor Beezel, daughter of George Beezel and Christene Ashley of Hepzibah, escorted by David Akers, son of Randy and Darlene Akers of Enterprise;

– Brenna Riley, daughter of Clay and Whitney Riley of Shinnston, escorted by Jonathan Leep, son of Roger and Elizabeth Hoover of Shinnston;

– Lauren Brooks, daughter of Doug and Billie Jo Brooks of Meadowbrook, escorted by Harrison Arco, son of Chad and Amy Wilson;

– Delani Watson, daughter of Lisa Watson of Fairmont, escorted by Dylan Mano, son of Joey and Gloria Mano of Shinnston;

– Jaye C. Carvelli, daughter of Paul and Angie Carvelli of Lumberport, escorted by Michael Brennan, son of John and Shelly Brennan of Shinnston;

– Maralisa Marra, daughter of Anthony and Kim Marra of Shinnston, escorted by Jordan Gump, son of Jerry and Rebecca Jones of Wallace;

– Jade DeBerry, daughter of Jay and Becky DeBerry of Clarksburg, escorted by Kobie Carpenter, son of Jarrod and Suzanne Carpenter of Shinnston;

– Parris Parsons, daughter of Aaron Parsons and Tammy Crosco of Enterprise, escorted by Izzik Haymond, son of Eric and Amanda Miller of Shinnston;

– Hailey Elder, daughter of Chris and Whitney Elder of Lumberport, escorted by Cory Fazalare, son of Gary and Amie Fazalare of Shinnston;

– Sydney Jett, daughter of Scott and Melissa Jett of Lumberport, escorted by Matthew Fleece, son of Matt and Mary Fleece of Shinnston;

– Olivia Gianettino, daughter of John and Leslie Gianettino of Lumberport, escorted by Branson Fazzini, son of David and Amber Fazzini of Hepzibah;

– Gracey Lamm, daughter of Scott and Glenna Lamm of Clarksburg, escorted by Alec Gemondo, son of Jimmy and Pam Gemondo of Shinnston.

Serving as the 2017 flower girl was Miss Addison Osbourn, daughter of Mitch and Maria Osbourn of Bridgeport.  Braxton Toth, son of Brandon and Kristen Toth of Pine Bluff was the crown bearer.

After weeks of practicing ballroom dancing, the Court then took the dance floor and waltzed to “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain.  The dance was choreographed by Mrs. Sarah Young, assisted by Shelby Swiger, Kendal DeMarco, Darian Darway, and Mackenzie Hawkins.

Also participating in the event were the 2016 Prom Maids of Honor (Hope Bray and Kendal DeMarco) and 2016 Knights (Justin Hughes and Hunter McGary) and the 2016 King and Queen (Anthony Tate and Kearstyn Richards).

The 2016 Maids of Honor distributed boxes to each of the 2017 Court couples for a random drawing of the Maids of Honor and Knights and King and Queen.  Each box contained two cookies – those with red icing were named Maids and Knights; those with gold icing were named King and Queen.

Kobie Carpenter and Jade DeBerry, Jordan Gump and Maralisa Marra were the 2017 Knights and Maids of Honor; Brenna Riley was named the 2017 Prom Queen, and Jonathan Leep was named the 2017 Prom King.

An evening of dancing and posing for photos in front of the Eiffel Tower followed.  The “Passport to Paris” event was a successful ‘Ooh LaLa” evening for all.

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