Senior Center Introduces New Fitness Trainer

D’Mitri Savoy is the new fitness trainer at the Harrison County Senior Center. His passion for exercise stems from his own first personal trainer – his grandmother, Charlene Davis, the Center’s previous trainer who recently married and moved to Georgia with her new husband!
At Bridgeport High School, D’Mitri participated in track, football and wrestling. From his diverse sports education as well as his intense training by his grandmother, he has cultivated a variety of exercises and knowledge of equipment used to develop, tone and strengthen the body.
D’Mitri is the instructor for the 8 a.m. exercise group on Tuesday and Thursday and is starting a 2 p.m. class on Wednesday and Friday for those retirees who prefer to sleep in and exercise later in the day.
In addition to his role as a fitness trainer, D’Mitri is studying under and being mentored by Pastor Rahsaan Armand from Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church and taking online classes towards a Practical Ministry degree from SEU in Lakeland, Florida. His goal is to complete a degree in ministry and be both a Pastor and Personal Trainer – ministering to the needs of both the body and soul.
An active lifestyle is more important than ever as people age, helping to boost energy, maintain independence, manage symptoms of illness or pain, and give a lift to mind, mood and memory! Whether you are managing an illness or generally healthy, join D’Mitri Savoy’s classes and plan to boost your fitness.

D'Mitri Savoy
D’Mitri Savoy
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