Shinnston Senior Citizens News – May 12th, 2017


Attending the meeting of the Shinnston Senior Citizens on Friday, May 12, 2017 were Richard Murray, Judy Asel, Enith Wright, William and Navonda Hayhurst, Karen Flanigan, Joan Whiteman, Mary Stutler, Paul Shaver, Jean Hornick, Jo Smith, Stanley McIntire, Tom Greaver, Vivian Brown, Margaret Yost, Deloris Minor, Libby Butcher, Nannette Hixon, Nancy Davis, Elaine and Louie Veltri, Donna Yelich, Connie Perkins, Sylvia Duckworth, Billie Allen and Janet Dotson.

After the games of bingo, Janet called our meeting to order. We said the pledge to the flag and sang the national anthem.  Elaine had our devotions about mothers.  People on the prayer list for this week are Brenda, Libby’s friend, Jimmy Salerno, Tom Greaver, William Hayhurst, Tom Claypoole, Kim Andrick, Bernard Jones, all those on our previous lists, country, president, world leaders and all those in pain or suffering one way or another (That is most of us).

Our business consisted of Tom making a motion to give a donation of $50 to the American Legion for the annual poppy sale.  Stanley seconded the motion and   everyone agreed.  No other business at this time.  We celebrated 2 birthdays…Tom Greaver who received a cake and candy bar, along with Vivian Brown who turned 92. She received a small cake, candy bar, rose and a card.  They also endured our singing Happy Birthday.

In honor of Mother’s day, the ladies received flowers, along with the men receiving them as well.  Mary Stutler was our oldest mother, Karen Flanigan our youngest, and Libby Butcher had the most children (grand and great grandchildren).  They received hanging baskets.  Other mothers were recognized and received special flowers also. We also received necklaces, small treat bags and a box of candy. We did our chenille art project making flowers; Stanley won the first prize.

After having the blessing on the food, we enjoyed homemade lasagna and texas toast along with the wonderful dishes prepared by our members for our Mother’s day luncheon. Homemade blueberry, apple, cherry cheesecake, butterscotch, strawberry, and rhubarb pies with ice cream was enjoyed by all.  Navonda and Margaret was the kitchen crew.  Next week’s cake bakers are Margaret, Mary and Billie.  Pot luck will be the fare along with volunteers in the kitchen.  Thanks everyone for making this a wonderful Mother’s day luncheon.

Our bingo coverall winners were Karen F., Janet, William and someone whom I can’t remember… sorry about that.  I didn’t get it written down and my mind just can’t recall the name. Louie and Elaine won the guess jars and Nancy D. won the 50/50 drawing (I did get them written down).

Thoughts for the week – Full trust in the LORD puts anxiety to rest.  Lord, when we are wrong, make us willing to change. And when we are right, make us easy to live with – Peter Marshall.   Money is a good servant but a poor master.  The lure for gold is stronger than the human will, and with many a man it stands between his soul and his God.  Someday it will be discovered that the bars that shut many out of the Kingdom of Heaven are forged with silver and gold.  (The Vendor – May 10, 2017.)

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