Shinnston Senior Citizens

Attending the June 2, 2017 meeting of the Shinnston Senior Citizens were Jean Hornick, Paul Shaver, Mary Stutler, Joan Whiteman, Karen Flanigan, William  and Navonda Hayhurst, Enith Wright, Karen Crayton, Tom Cooper, Janet Anderson, Janet Davis, Jo Smith, Stanley McIntire, Tom Greaver, Vivian Brown, Margaret Yost, Deloris Minor, Libby Butcher, Nancy Davis, Louie and Elaine Veltri, Donna Yelich, Billie Allen and Janet Dotson.

Our president Janet D. called the meeting to order after our games of bingo; we had no new or old business.  Standing for our pledge to the flag and singing the national anthem always starts us off right for the rest of the day.  Navonda’s devotions were taken from part of II Timothy 2:19 – “The Lord knoweth them that are His”.  She read a poem “This I Know – My Savior Knows”.  The last sentence tells it all – FOR THIS I KNOW — That in My Lord shall my needs be met, And I can trust the heart of Him Who has not failed me yet. (Author unknown).

Persons on our prayer list for this week are Brenda Nestor (came through surgery and recovering), Janet Anderson, Pauline Reed, Libby’s friend, Jimmy Salerno (surgery went well and recovering- word by the grapevine), Renie Grimes, Alice Gwynn, Tom Greaver, Kim Andrick, all those sick and afflicted, our country and especially our president and leaders and all those on our previous lists over the past year.

Tom Greaver asked the blessing over our meal.  The fare for the day was meat loaf; Janet and Libby made that for us.  Along with all the other covered dishes, we had a great meal.  Nancy D., Margaret and Navonda were the kitchen crew.  Next week will be pot luck and volunteers for the kitchen.  Cake bakers are Janet Davis, Deloris Minor and Vivian Brown.  Thanks ladies for doing what you do for us all.

Our bingo caller Stanley M. won the bingo coverall, 50/50 drawing winner was Joan Whiteman, and she also won the guessing jar. Donna Yelich was the first door prize winner.

Thoughts for the week – First, give yourself to God.  You may be sure He’ll look after what is His. (2) The world has forgotten in its concern with Left and Right, that there is an Above (heaven) and Below (hell). (3) God pardons like a mother, who kisses the offense into everlasting forgetfulness. -Henry Ward Beecher.  And (4 – an off the wall thought) – In a thousand years, archaeologists will dig up tanning beds and think we fried people as punishment – Olivia Wilde  (The Vendor May 24, 2017).  Have a good week.  Come and join us.

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