Spring Into Health … Form Some New Habits

Spring is finally here!

Even though we didn’t have a bad winter, it’s so wonderful to hear lawn mowers and smell freshly cut grass.  It’s time to declutter and make room for the new and bright in our homes and yards.  Research shows that having a clean and clutter-free environment makes us feel better and live more productive and fulfilling lives.  Isn’t the same true for our bodies?

Winter means more sitting, indulging in heavier foods, and generally less activity in our lives.  Spring brings the opportunity to open our windows, reclaim our yards, and start getting out and getting active again!  As you think about getting active and doing more around your house and yard, think also about using this time to “de-clutter” your body. Here are some easy ways that don’t require you to fast or drink anything green …

  • Take one week to eat a little less. Focus on eating more fruits and vegetables than you normally do.  An apple a day …
  • Buy a bag of lemons and use fresh lemon juice in your water.
  • Have a “sugar-free” day. Don’t add extra sugar or eat desserts for a day (or 2 or 3 if you can). You will notice more energy almost immediately.
  • Take a short walk after dinner each night for a week. If you like it, a new habit may develop.
  • Let yourself sweat – that’ s right – it’s ok to sweat. It’s one important way that our b ody gets rid of toxins.  If you are doing numbers 1-4 above, you can use sweat as the proof that you are detoxing!

Little habits like the ones above can decrease moodiness and irritability and increase feelings of happiness and satisfaction.  A little spring cleaning in your body can go a long way for your health and well-being.  Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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