Becky Smith, Harrison County’s 4-H Extension Officer inaugurates the 2017 newly elected Sunbonnet officers. Pictured (l-r) are President Ladonna Tucker, Vice President Norma McClain, Secretary Sylvia Pontius and Treasurer Betty Shreves.

The Stonewood Sunbonnets CEOS Club members gathered together on January 17th at the Annex Building of the United Methodist Church on Cost Avenue in Stonewood to celebrate the youthful New Year’s installation of club officers.

The club meeting was privileged to have the Harrison County’s CEOS Vice President of the State of West Virginia, Connie Wolfinger; Extension Officer, Becky Smith; and Program Assistance, John Wickline in attendance.

2016 Stonewood Sunbonnets President Ladonna Tucker called the meeting to order at 11 AM.  Attending were club members Lesita Snider, Eva Summer, Jan Johnson, Deloris Wilson, Betty Shreves, Ladonna Tucker, Norma McClain, and Sylvia Pontius.  A memorial candle was lit for remembrance of beloved departed club members followed by the flag salutes.

Norma McClain, 2016’s Sunbonnets Vice President, gave a memorable and heartfelt devotion lesson.  She read a poem about God’s mercy, patience, kept promises, and the many chances HE bestows upon our souls.  Included was the vivid description of how God’s hands pick up our broken pieces as HE dotingly embraces us in a fostering way.  Ms. McClain ended with a blessing filled with gratitude.

Sylvia Pontius read the December 2016 minutes.  Ms. Pontius elaborated on the annual Christmas luncheon that was held in a quaint sunroom at Sunny Croft (Sweet Tee’s) Golf Clubhouse.  Among the highlights were scrumptious cupcakes given complementary by the establishment.

Elected Treasurer of 2017, Betty Shreves, reported the numbers for last December. 2016’s auditing will be submitted by Jan Johnson, Betty Shreves and Eva Summer.

Ladonna Tucker read a gratitude letter from the Lewis A. Johnson Veteran’s Hospital for the donated personally crafted bookmarkers. In addition, Mrs. Tucker shared the thank you card Nichole Delaney sent for the many vibrant hand-made lap quilts that the Sunbonnets bequeathed to hospice patients.  Included with the thank you note were scrumptious white and milk chocolate lollipop type candies.  Closing was the request for any last submission items for the 2016 scrapbook, as well as the instatement of Continuing Education volunteer representative Sylvia Pontius.

Followed were the counted CVH hours for December and January which totaled 262.  In addition, total books read by club members within these months were 15.  Included were a total of 13 not on the list of recommended books.

Ladonna Tucker referred club attendees’ attention to January 2017th lesson found in the current issue of West Virginia University’s Homespun New Harrison County Families and Health Newsletter.

Unfinished business was discussed among members. Among the discussed topics was the Mission Project for the Harrison County Humane Society.  All was in favor; motioned to continue the project was given by Norma McClain and seconded by Lasita Snider.

Other business included secret sister cards passed out and announcements of the upcoming events.  The first one held on January 23rd at St. Marks church for the County Council and Achievement Day and the other held on February 10th at the Harrison County 4-H Training Center for the officers training seminar.  Closing was the discussion of the Ronald McDonald’s recycling aluminum tabs program.  It was tabled as unfinished business to be discussed at the next meeting.