Summer Safety Tips

SVFD Assistant Chief

As everyone knows, our community recently went through a trying emergency involving an unprecedented water outage.

All of our members proudly worked with the city to ensure our neighbors had the water they needed to get them through this crisis.  However, our citizens should be commended.  Once again, in the time of need, our friends and families pulled together.  When the call went out for bottled water, many times those without came to donate.  I know all the members of SVFD have been humbled to see how our neighbors came out to support us and the community when needed.

Now that is behind us, spring is in the air, and the SVFD is looking forward to warm days and an enjoyable summer.   Our firefighters and their families have already been enjoying spending time with our friends and neighbors during activities such as Wind Down Wednesdays.

While we don’t want to wish away summer, the SVFD has a lot to look forward to – especially with Frontier Days.  We are already taking reservations for craft show vendors and soon will have tickets available for a gun show raffle.

With that being said, we don’t want to forget some summer safety tips:

  • When grilling use long handled barbecue tools.
  • Keep a 3 ft. distance away from grills, fire pits and camp fires.
  • Leave fireworks to the professionals. Attend public fireworks displays.

If you are burned:

  • Place the burn in cool water.
  • Cover the burn with clean dry cloth.
  • See a doctor if the burn is larger than your palm.

For more information and free resource, visit or visit ShinnstonFire.

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