United Hospital Center (UHC) registered nurse Jodi Cox of Clarksburg, was honored at the 2017 Progressive Women’s Association of Harrison County Awards Ceremony on Friday, February 24.

The luncheon recognized ten area women of color along with the observance of Black History Month.

“Jodi always goes above and beyond her regular duties,” said Karla Tucker, RN, BSN, CCRN, Kronos analyst/nurse manager. “Her dedication to patients and their families is an inspiration to all of us.”

The ceremony was held to commend these women for their outstanding service concerning the betterment of their community. The organization’s mission is to empower women and the community.

“I feel humbled to receive this honor, especially considering that somebody thought enough of me and what I do at UHC to nominate me for this award,” said Jodi Cox, RN, float pool.  “The best part about being a registered nurse is the positive impact that I can have on a patient. Health care is my calling in life; it is what I’m supposed to do. I know that at the end of my day I have accomplished my mission when patients tell me that I have made a difference or they thank me for a job well done.”

Cox has been employed as a nurse at UHC for 29 years. She has worked in IV therapy and every department in the hospital, with the exception of surgery, as a member of the float pool.

“When I am doing my job it is important to me to always have a smile,” Cox said. “I try to put my patients at ease, whether that means that I need to sing to them or pray with them, my patients come first.”