We FINALLY Have Yellow Lines – They Say The Squeakiest Wheel Gets The Oil!

Pine Bluff News
By Pat Matheny

Thanks to WVDOT Engineers J.J. Jordan and Mr. Crislip we now have yellow lines on the road to Peora. These gentlemen know how to get things done!

Monday, Patty, Berni, and Susie went out shopping and to eat. Lee showed up (Needed his muscles) and helped me fill the bed of the Ranger with junk and garbage that has been cluttering up the house, garage, and shed…of course, the tarp that I had to cover the load was three feet longer than need be.

On the way to landfill, we had to stop a couple of times because back of tarp would be flapping in the wind and had to be tucked back in. If there were a few pots and pans dangling off the sides of the Ranger and had a mattress thrown on top, we’d looked like Tom Joad’s clan heading for California.I had enough to make another trip, but we ran out of time. So, Tuesday we took another trip to the landfill…tarp did good.

Tuesday, Postal, Martha, and Julia took Colton fishing at Curtisville Lake. My lil buddy caught the most (5) and when I asked him how long the biggest was one, he stretched his arms as wide as they would go…he’s learning.

Wednesday morning, the PB CEOS club held the monthly meeting at the community building. Those in attendance were Martha and Postal Martin, Julia Martin with Colton, Jeannette Smith, our Thelma Martin, Guy and Becky Goff, Laura Davis, Donna Wyke, Pastors Buzzy and Martha Holbert, Jeff Sampson, Mary Pat Lake, and Susie. The members decided not to have a Spring Cream Chicken and Biscuit dinner at this time, so maybe they’ll have a Fall Cream Chicken and Biscuit dinner..?? Stay tuned.

Thursday morning, I ran over to Advance Auto in town to pick up a brake caliper that I ordered. While there, it was great talking with Mike Shanholtz. He was raised just down the road from me. His older brother Eric and I were practically raised from the crib together. I enjoyed getting caught up on everything.

After returning home, I replaced the frozen rt/front brake caliper on the Ranger. However, I needed someone to pump the brake pedal so I could bleed the air out. Guess who the only one available was … Miss Susie. Over our 51 years of marriage (Apr 17th), she has performed this task several times for me, but it has been quite a while. This time she was a real trooper and knew how to work that pedal while listening to me holler instructions. I know she really enjoyed the hollering part.

Here’s an update on the road grievances. On Monday, the WVDOT started patching County Rt. 8 from the mouth of the hollow to Peora and continued on to Shinnston. They cleaned the ditches above and below the old Williams Mine. I noticed that the Shinnston bridge PB sign pointing to Vine Street has been removed.

Here’s the biggie: Thursday evening they painted double yellow lines on Rt. 8 from the Y at the mouth of the hollow to Peora and I noticed they didn’t paint any other roads in the area.

I would like to thank Maintenance Engineer J.J. Jordan (Dist. 4) and Engineer Mr. Crislip (Gore garage) for their diligence in addressing the road issues. I can see that these gentlemen know how to get things done.

Sunday, family members Patty, Lee, #1 Michael, Santana, Andrew, #2 Phillip, Kim, Butch, Debbie (Ding Dong), Charlie, Julia, Sophia, Berni, #3 Shane, Lindsay, Kelly, and Braden joined us for Easter Dinner. As always, the ladies laid out a fine spread and everyone enjoyed the day. A special shout out to my daughter-in-law Patty for cleaning the kitchen up for me…good kid.

A dear friend (Dennis Gulich) enlightened me on why you’re not supposed to mow before Easter. He said, “I have it from fairly reliable sources that it comes from the Easter Bunny. He has a hell of a time hiding the eggs if the grass is too short”… makes perfect sense to me.

Until next time, have a great week and remember our Veterans.



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