Your City Leaders

If you do not attend Shinnston City Council meetings, you may not be aware of who is serving your community in leadership positions.

– Sammy J. DeMarco, Council Ward 1 (Mayor)

– Brian Parris, Council Ward 2

– Pat Kovalck, Council Ward 3 (Vice-Mayor)

– Rodney Strait, Council Ward 4

– Mary Ann Ferris, Council At-Large

– Bill Watson, Council At-Large

– Maxine Weser, Council At-Large

– Amy Wilson, City Manager

– AJ Hammond, Community Development Director

– Kathleen Panek, City Clerk

Shinnston City Council meetings are held on the second and last Monday of each month (unless a holiday presents a conflict) at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers (Municipal Building on lower Bridge Street).  The public is welcome to attend.  Citizens who wish to address Council are required to complete a short form in advance stating the matter they wish to discuss.  Presentations should be limited to five minutes.

Petition forms to speak before Council are available at the City website:

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