Grapevine by Rosalyn Queen Alonso

A warm sunny welcome to spring!  I cannot convince myself that we will not have another Easter snow, but if we do, that will be ok and if not, spring is here.  We did not get that storm that was predicted, although there was a lot of snow up north.

Dave made a trip up to Ohio to see his son and he usually stops at Ruelli Brothers to shop.  He was looking for anise seed and he did find some, but not the black seeds that we use in our Italian Easter bread.  He also brought me some Star Anise; I am researching it to see what it is used for.  Most reports say that it is used for medicinal purposes, although it is also used in Asian dishes. I have about two tablespoons left to put in my bread this year. I do not know if we will be able to get any more from San Giovanni… maybe we can talk Pietro into bringing some when he comes in for the Festival.  If I can put my hands on the Italian seed book, I think that I may order some seeds and see what happens; it will be worth a try. Remember the Easter Bread recipe is in the Arriverdici cook book.  Get a loaf of bread from Tomorro’s Bakery. Put a cook book with it and gift it to all of your friends.  Talking of seeds, you know what time is fast approaching…that is garden time.  Dave has done some preliminary work to the space he will use at our new home and I expect he will be tilling it soon.

St. Patrick’s Day was observed during the PWA monthly board and membership meeting.  We had a wonderful meal prepared by Maxine Seese, Tammy Gragg and Elinda Carson.  Maxine made soda bread and corn bread to accompany our meal. I will have to admit that this was the first time I had eaten corn beef and it was delicious. The place was decorated in the green theme and we even had a green dessert. Thanks to this committee for all they did. Our meetings are open to the membership and we always try to have a light lunch and keep our meetings to an hour so that those on lunch hours can attend.  Hope to see you at our next meeting.

Just a note to advise you that the PWA will be having our Fabulous Five dollar lunches during the month of April;  plan on getting lunch every Tuesday from us.  I guarantee you they will be delicious and the best deal in town…take out or eat in.

Lent will soon be over and I hope that you have made an effort to get yourself in order for the Easter holiday.  Be sure to share your good fortune with those in need.

This past week I was shopping and on my way to the car I heard a lady call my name and ask me if I wrote the Grapevine.  She said she reads it every week in the Shinnston News.   It just so happens her husband served in the Army with Dave; they are the Metz family from Shinnston. Thanks for calling our attention to this fact.  I like to learn about my readers.

Take care, stay in touch and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”