Pictured above are the children who participated in the 2nd Spring “Kids Night” at the Shinnston Ace Hardware.

On Friday evening, March 24th, Ace Hardware of Shinnston once again hosted “Kids Night” at the local Ace location, with many kids returning for this second feature!

Fifteen kids and their parents enjoyed participating with each child making a candy dish that took on the appearance of a colorful gum ball machine.  Kids participating ranged in age from 1st graders to middle school, using their creativity and choosing their favorite paint colors.

The registration fee included all supplies of clay pots and saucers, a glass bowl, paint, etc., and instructors Kim Southern, Ashley Wolfe, and Kayla Maloney provided jelly beans to fill their completed projects.

The projects that are selected are simple to do, and parents are encouraged to get involved, helping the younger ones with their craft.  Once again, it was an enjoyable experience for those who participated.

Since Ace Hardware’s opening in Shinnston, the Ace family and staff made a commitment to focus on the importance of customer relationships and the fact that Ace should not be categorized as simply a store to interest men!  Kids Night is a perfect example of that, bringing families together for an evening of fun.

Next month’s Kids Night at Ace Hardware may feature a pet show!  Watch for details at Shinnston Ace Hardware.