The PB CEOS Chicken & Biscuit Dinner Has Been Rescheduled For May

 Pine Bluff News
By Pat Matheny

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the PB CEOS members are sorry to report that the Spring Cream Chicken and Biscuit Dinner scheduled for this Friday and Saturday has been cancelled, but they are planning on having it sometime in May. Please, don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger!

However, the members are still taking pie orders with the proceeds going to the PB UM Church. The homemade pies are $12 each and orders have to be in by the 10th of April and the pick-up day is May 12th.  If you would like to order, please contact Julia Martin at 304 641 3032.

As a public service announcement, while traveling on Big Bingamon Road, please be careful at the slip in the turn above the old Williams Mine; it’s getting worse. We would like to thank the WVDOH for removing all approach signs forewarning of the bad turn…they must have needed the signs in a direr area.

Monday, I drove over to the Bridgeport Barber Shop to get the ears lowered. Jim did the honors and it is always nice chatting with him. After returning home, I took a container of Susie’s lasagna up to John and Patty and visited for a while.

After returning from John’s, I heard Postal pounding and thumping on something across the road, so I had to check out what all of the ruckus was about. He was working on his old fishing boat. It had sprung some leaks and he was in the process of patching them, using among things, 2x4s and body putty…that should do it.

Tuesday, I did some running around; I hit Whitecotton’s, Dollar General (Or Family Dollar?), and ran the truck through the automatic car wash. On the way out of town I stopped to pick up some hot dogs at T & L where I ran into Tarzan Cain. It was nice chatting with him. He is always into everything.

Thursday, I had an appointment for a six month check up with Cardiologist Dr. Sabbagh at his Bridgeport office. He’s the one who inserted the two heart stents eighteen months ago at UHC. He said I’m good to go for another six months…that’s good to hear. However, the appointment was for 1 pm and I walked out of there at 3:15 pm. Sure is a big difference between private practice appointment times and the VA’s. If it took that long for an appointment at the VA, there would be a congressional hearing on the matter.

While relaxing and enjoying the waiting time (30 people in a 20 chair room), I ran into Brenda Vernon. She’s the daughter of Tracy and Carolyn (Satterfield) Smith of Worthington. She gave me the low down on what her mother and dad, plus her brothers Bryan and Jeff, have been up to lately…fine family. She bought and lives in her grandparent’s (Satterfield) home in Worthington.

Here’s a little story about Doc Sabbagh and his sense of humor when I was under his care at UHC.  After he inserted the first stent, there was a scheduling snafu as to when he was going to insert the second one. Consequently, I went almost forty eight hours without eating anything. When he walked in the second evening, I informed him of the situation and told him that I was about ready to check out and have my son take me to the Outback and get a filet mignon with a baked potato. Without missing a beat, he replied, “And that’s why you’re in here”. This was one time where I didn’t have a comeback.

Until next time, have a great week and remember our Veterans.


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