ALL NEW Shinnston McDonald’s Is Fully Operational Once Again!


Construction site cleaned up … blacktop dry with lines painted … and balloons waving in the breeze told customers that McDonald’s was back in business on Saturday.

News & Journal Editor

Construction crews have vacated the premises and the Shinnston McDonald’s is back in full operation now! The transformation that has taken place in just the last few weeks has been nothing short of amazing.
Lisa West Cook, Marketing Director for the JW Ebert Corporation, said, “Thanks to an organized work schedule that was very well-timed among all of the workers on this project, the renovation was completed in record time, and although the dining room was closed, this whole process only forced the closure of the drive-thru for just a few days. This is truly as close a total rebuild as you can get!”
Mrs. Cook noted that customers will see MANY changes! Both the interior and the exterior have taken on a more modern look and exhibit a more neutral, relaxing color scheme.
The exterior is a mix of new brick and tile along with some stucco and metal components. The interior colors are a blend of beige, sage green and dark teal, along with charcoal tile near the order counter and surrounding the drink bar. From among the packages they had to choose from, they selected a map motif in some of the interior areas.
Customers will notice many high top tables and stools, which Cook said customers in some of their other facilities have favored, saying they are quite comfortable. Booths that are handicap accessible are all new as well; restrooms have been completely redone; and all new freezers have been added.
“As the project was nearing its conclusion, we had many of our coffee club gentlemen stopping in, anxious to see when they would be able to gather again!” Cook added. “Their wait is now over!”
When McDonald’s promised the facility would be ALL NEW, it was no exaggeration! Ceiling tiles down to flooring – all new! Even the trash receptacles are brand new … along with fresh landscaping and pavement! And construction crews were instructed to put in as many wi-fi outlets and charging stations as they could for the convenience of those who want to use their electronics when visiting the new McDonald’s in Shinnston.
Cook concluded, “We have hired additional staff and there are still jobs available. All of our employees will be wearing new uniforms and have received additional training on how to help customers use the kiosks for ordering and how to deliver orders to dine-in customers, etc. Kiosk ordering will help speed things along; however, customers can still order at the front counter if they so choose. And we’re certain our dual drive-thru lanes will also decrease traffic tie-ups. We’ll be introducing frequency cards and much more is coming. All of our McDonald’s will be new and improved and we hope our customers will be pleased with this renovation.”

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