Urban Market Opens Thursday In Shinnston

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A front corner of the Urban Market location already displays the popular neutral color scheme that isn’t fussy … and don’t forget that you can add even salvaged items that have a scratch or nick or two and they fit right into the farmhouse style!

Home Style just celebrated its ninth year as a downtown business in Shinnston, and its growth continues.

Owner Melissa Aldridge keeps her creative juices flowing and adds to her merchandise all the time – from small items to larger furniture pieces, seasonal items, a paint line, specialty food items and even a new line of casual clothing!

Last August, she launched “Urban Market”, a three-day pop-up shop located right next door to Home Style that offers shoppers a new concept appealing to those who love the urban farmhouse style of decorating, which is a mix of modern farmhouse and the industrial look.

Store Manager Amanda Sayers noted that while pop-up shops are very popular in larger cities, it has been something new for a small community to incorporate this.  But it has taken off in this area!

“We usually have one once a month in March, April and May … and again in August through December.  Each Urban Market displays all new merchandise every month it’s hosted, and since we typically sell 90% of what we have every time, we can continue to change what customers see at each market.  It’s like a new store every month!” Amanda said.

It is said that while urban farmhouse décor can offer gracious grandeur to a home, it remains surprisingly humble too.  In any case, it is welcoming … it says ‘home’!  And who doesn’t want their house to be a ‘home’?  If that is the look you’re trying to capture, then you won’t want to miss this month’s Urban Market, which begins today and continues through Saturday, October 13th.  Urban Market will open its doors on October 11th from 5 to 8 p.m., and will offer full days of shopping opportunities on both Friday and Saturday, October 12th and 13th with hours from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Here are a few of the items the October Urban Market will be showcasing: lanterns, clocks, lamps, a new line of distressed reproduction windows, painted furniture (using the Rethunk Junk paint line that Home Style carries), galvanized tin items, white pottery, windmills, tobacco baskets, a new line of specialty West Virginia shirts, as well as some seasonal items.  In addition, be sure to sample some of the Stonewall Kitchen sauces, jams, salsas, and dips they carry!  Purchase those that you find palate pleasing, get the recipe, and make your own.  They are great choices to serve for a gathering of friends or for tailgating parties!

Urban Market customers will find a sizeable assortment of Stonewall Kitchen sauces, jams, salsas, and dips that will make tasty, satisfying additions to your next party.

“The urban farmhouse style became very popular among those who watch HGTV’s Fixer Upper program with hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines,” Amanda added.  “We sell many of the items viewers see on their show – items they sell in their own Magnolia Market store in Waco, Texas.  In fact, one local couple who happened to be visiting in Texas drove the distance to Waco to visit the Gaines’ rehabbed silo store, and they remarked that they could get the same thing right here in Shinnston by shopping our Urban Markets!”

Keeping the deliveries of new merchandise rolling in each month is a full time job for the Home Style staff!  But in their off-time, they still offer craft classes suitable for even beginner level crafters and workshops where they teach hands-on how to use Rethunk Junk paint to give new life to reclaimed pieces of furniture.

“It is these often aged, unique elements that add charm to a home.   And that is what the urban farmhouse style does; it mixes the best of the old with the best of the new, and the end result is a comfy, cozy home,” Amanda concluded.  “Our customers will tell you that at Home Style, you’ll find personalized service, help when you need it, and most importantly, we remember your names!”

Plans are already in the works for the November and December Urban Markets where you’ll see more holiday items and a gift section that is sure to please someone on your list.

Anyone who is interested in any of their upcoming craft classes or painting workshops can visit www.homestylewv.com for scheduling … or visit them on Facebook … or call them directly at 304-592-3443.

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