All Settled And Getting Anxious For Spring

Much has been said and I praise the press for all the wonderful coverage they provided for the Progressive Women’s Association ‘Women of Distinction’ awards luncheon.

First I want to commend Ironda Campbell for her powerful message, and then I congratulate the recipients again for their contributions to our community. The PWA did a magnificent job in arrangements and served a wonderful meal.  A big thank you to the Davis Funeral Home and Krogers for their sponsorship.

A reminder that our next awards ceremony will be in June as we Celebrate America. Nominations will be taken from the public by contacting the PWA office at 304-624-6881.

Dave and I can finally breathe now that we have cleared everything from our old house.  I will miss living there but I truly love our new home.  We have wonderful neighbors and it is a great neighborhood.

My mom always used to say to not get in a hurry to get summer clothes out as we will surely have an Easter snow.  The weather has been great but this is prime flu season, and I urge you to keep this in mind and take care of your health.

Easter will be here soon as we celebrate Ash Wednesday this week.  I kept thinking of just what I could do for self-improvement during this season and I have decided that in all the things that got moved,  I will go through each of the items and donate a bag a day to the clothing banks in our area.  I am also hoping that my health will allow me to attend morning Mass.  I love to start my day off with Mass. Remember to get out those meatless recipes and try them out during Lent.  Egg salad and Tuna salad sandwiches are great for lunch.  Try these sandwiches with a cup of tomato soup.

I have struggled as to what I can say about the passing of Denise Biafore.  My first encounter with her was as a member of the Festival Board of Directors and then our friendship blossomed from there.  This is a very close and personal loss to me especially because of the diagnosis.  I will miss her beautiful smile and I offer my condolences to her family.  This is another reminder to all of you to be sure and get your yearly mammogram’s. Right now I owe my life to the fact that I had mine just a little over a year apart and we found the tumor.

I am getting anxious to start our garden here at our new house.  But you know Dave taught me a lesson about getting in a hurry, so I will just continue to just look through the seed catalogs.

A happy birthday to Andy Lang.  Good luck to Lisa and Miranda as they open their new monogram shop in downtown Bridgeport.  Stop in and see all their wonderful merchandise.

Keep in touch and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine”.




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