When I got a haircut a few weeks ago at the Bridgeport Barber Shop, owner Jim Kelley told me about a program that he’s involved in for disabled Veterans called Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.

I’m paraphrasing the following from a brochure he gave me: It’s a national non-profit organization with programs in all 50 states. The volunteers from local fly fishing clubs have regularly scheduled classes at the VA, DoD, and other locations. They teach the disabled Veterans about fly fishing basics, fly casting, fly tying, and rod building. Also, they organize fishing outings, both one and multi day. Everything is provided to all participants at no cost.

Jim (Army Vet – Desert Storm) is the Program Lead for the local Mountaineer PHW. He said he enjoys watching participants build their own fishing rods, tie their own flies, and then see the look on their faces when they catch their first fish (That’s a lot of ‘theirs’). Jim said they are presently having rod building classes at the Clarksburg VA. For any disabled Veterans interested, contact the local VA or Jim at (304) 669-9844. It sounds like a great program.

Monday, I took Susie to a doctor’s appointment at Charles Point. Of course, that was followed by a trip to Walmart to pick up meds. For dining, we hit the Bob Evans in Bridgeport. I noticed the pepper didn’t come out of their shaker any better than the ones at Cracker Barrel and Cheddars. Has the price of pepper gone up because of a shortage? If you are wondering what I’m talking about, the main discussion on the subject was in last week’s column.

A friend suggested that I carry my own pepper shaker; that would work, but I would hate to walk into a restaurant with containers of condiments sticking out of my pockets. I know Susie has some friends that carry their own salt, pepper, and sugar for such occasions (One even carries her own salad dressing), but they have large purses (suitcases). I told my friend that I think Susie and I need to dine at more upscale restaurants where they provide you with a pepper mill/grinder. You still have to use some wrist action, but the flakes are much bigger.

Tuesday, I had to make another trip to WM for more meds…don’t ask me why, I’ve been trying to figure out the timing for years myself. I did run into #2 Phillip and Kelly. They both work at Thompson’s, Inc. in Worthington and had the day off. It was great chatting with the kids; they got another dog. In the evening, I attended the weekly Vet Center meeting in Morgantown. My buddy Bridgeport (Paul Flesher) is still clipping coupons for a food pantry.

Wednesday was a beautiful day. I dropped off some of Susie’s meatballs at John and Patty’s and visited for a while. Then, I ran (drove) over to the Ace Hardware in town to pick up a few things. They are very nice and helpful there.

Thursday, I replaced the bracket that attaches the flag pole to the top of the patio fence. I’ve been searching for a suitable bracket to replace the original slip-shod one that I made several years ago, but to no avail.  So, I had to make my own. I built it according to my old man’s (John J.) fabrication philosophy…’you can’t build it too strong’.  So, the bracket should outlast the wooden fence and the pole.

Until next time, have a great week and remember our Veterans.