Another Busy Week In Pine Bluff!

By Pat Matheny

Last Friday afternoon Lee showed up for a visit. His eyelids are healing up nicely from his recent operation. He accompanied me to Charles Point to pick up his mom’s new glasses and then we hit Outback for steaks; we had a very enjoyable time. Shortly, after Lee left, Patty showed up with our great granddaughter Miss Aubrey – she’s a delightful baby.

Monday afternoon I got a chance to talk to our back alley neighbor Ray. We always talk across a fence, i.e., Tim Taylor and Mr. Wilson. He works for a beer distributor and is still packing beer cases into the bars, saloons, and pubs in Morgantown. One thing about that job, they don’t have to worry about running out of sells there. The WVU students are trying to take back the title of #1 partying school in the country and back in the day I would be joining them.

In the evening, Santana stopped by for a nice visit. She just started her second semester at FSU and filled us in on her new classes and schedule. I checked out the car that her dad bought her … the previous one (Cardigan) bit the dust. She hasn’t named this one yet. Last week she went fishing over in the mountains with her boyfriend and caught her first rainbow trout … don’t know if that will make the Outdoor Channel or not.

Tuesday, I ventured up to the DMV office to pick up WV Disability Placards (Those Handicap hangy down thingies) for the vehicles. Susie’s doctor had signed a form to confirm her plight. Besides having to park across the street again, everything else went all right. I was seen in a timely manner and everyone was very nice.

Wednesday was a beautiful day, so we decided to drive down to the Cracker Barrel in Fairmont; we haven’t eaten there in a while. Then we drove up the interstate to the optometrist office at Charles Point to get Susie’s new glasses adjusted. On the way home, we stopped at the Go-Mart in town for fuel. While pumping gas, our sister-in-law Diana pulled in to fuel up also. So, we tied up two pumps for a half hour getting caught up on family and medical issues.

In the afternoon, I cleaned out the interiors of both vehicles and used the shop-vac … heaven knows they needed it. Just as I was finishing up in the garage, I spotted Postal walking to the mail box. We met in the middle of the driveway to discuss local happenings and to get caught up on the latest gossip. Earlier in the day he went fishing, but he said that they weren’t biting because the water was too dirty. If the little fishies can’t see it, they can’t eat it.

Late Friday our Santana showed up after she got off work to spend the night with us old folks. On Saturday while Grandma and I were watching the WVU basketball game, she made brunch for us … good kid.

Sunday we drove up to Casey’s Restaurant in Anmoore for dinner. Our #3 grandson Shane is in charge of the kitchen and Santana is one of the cooks. Shane schedules Santana’s work around her college classes. They were both present and fixed us a piping hot and delicious meal. Jim and Liz Scudere’s daughter Sarah was the waitress; it was a very pleasant experience.

I wish they would paint some lines on Bingamon road!

Until next time … have a great week and remember our Veterans.

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