Third Generation Of The Iaquinta Family Proud Of Ongoing Tradition At Julio’s Café

The Shinnston News & Harrison County Journal, in conjunction with North Central
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News & Journal Staff Writer

For half a century, Julio’s Café has been serving up more than just amazing homemade Italian specialties.

They have been providing an inviting place in which to make memories, a cornerstone for community giving and a family that refuses to blend in with the crowd.
When the restaurant opened in 1967, Frank and Virginia Iaquinta were at the helm. Originally a diner to accommodate the train station across the street, Julio’s Café quickly transitioned into a fine dining establishment when the second generation of Iaquintas ushered in their own twist.
Joseph Iaquinta, along with wife Pam, kept many of the traditional elements of the family business. The back dining room has remained the same for all 50 years, complete with the log fireplace which came from Jennings Randolph’s cabin. The original bar with the family crest also remains a prominent attraction. The division of the front café-style restaurant and the back fine-dining-style restaurant was an idea that came about in the 1970’s and continues today as they cater to guests who visit for business and leisure.
The main thing that has remained the same is the personalized service and consistent quality of arguably some of the best food in the area. Now in its third generation, Joseph and Costanza Iaquinta have made tweaks to the menu selection, added printed menus and continue to help usher Julio’s Café into the 21st century, including the addition of social media.
Over the years, the restaurant has become known for its generosity as much as for the food. Located within close proximity of the Clarksburg City Mission, Julio’s has been seen serving ice cream to the residents and offering both resources and time to the people at the mission, ensuring dignity for them while demonstrating the values held closely by the family.
Julio’s Café also donates regularly to several churches, including Immaculate Conception, Clarksburg Baptist and Clarksburg Christian. They have also made donations to Washington Irving Middle School and Robert C. Byrd High School and continue to give back as a vital part of the Clarksburg community.
With three generations preserving the family recipes and the community spirit on which the restaurant was founded, Julio’s Café is a tradition to which we can all toast.

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