Every year the Harrison County 4-H Flea Market draws a crowd.  Held indoors at the Harrison County Recreation Center, it’s five hours of fellowship, flea market finds, food, and a worthwhile fundraiser for 4-H youth to attend camp.

News & Journal Editor

Flea markets and yard sales are seasonal occurrences, but with winter (hopefully!) on its way out, many bargain/treasure hunters are already looking forward to them taking place again soon.  They are popular all over the globe, and if you are among those who enjoy this atmosphere, you’re in luck because the Harrison County 4-H organization has one planned for next month!

4-H families have been saving items for the past year, and other vendors take part as well, so you can expect to see LOTS of tables filled with bargain prospects!  And … another perk is that this annual event is held indoors, so even if Mother Nature sends us a “spring surprise” weather-wise, shoppers can still shop to their hearts’ content protected from it!!!

The Harrison County 4-H Yard Sale & Flea Market will be held at the Harrison County Recreation Center, Rt. 19, south of Clarksburg.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 27th!  It begins at 9 a.m. that day (NO early birds!) and concludes at 2 p.m.  There you’ll find everything from clothing for the entire family to toys, along with LOTS of household items, craft items, and if you’re a DIY up-cycler, you’ll love searching through the many vintage items to which you can give new functionality!

There will be up to 50 tables available, and in the past, independent home-based business vendors have taken part as well – bringing everything from purses to beauty products to tools, and more!

Long-time 4-H’er Doris Dean says that there is always great attendance and plenty of parking, and with concessions (both breakfast & lunch items) being offered too, it gives shoppers the opportunity to stop and rest for a while, have a bite to eat, and then shop some more!

“Although individual 4-H clubs in the area host their own fund-raising events throughout the year, this event includes ALL of the 4-H clubs in the county so there is always a lot to choose from,” Doris stated.  “And the kids are heavily involved with this.  They pack up what their family is donating, they help unload and arrange it, they visit with the shoppers and deal with the money in making sales.  It is a good leadership experience for them and since that is one of the goals in 4-H, it is a great way for them to develop.  Our young 4-H members will not be just standing around like ‘window dressing’; they are expected to help.”

The proceeds of this annual event help to fund their trips to summer camp, something they all enjoy and look forward to.  And since that camp experience can be costly, the 4-H’ers themselves are “earning” their stay at camp; it is not being handed to them.

Mrs. Dean truly grasps the value of 4-H.  She got involved in 4-H at an early age and noted that at one time, there were five living generations of family in 4-H.

“I guess it’s in my blood!” she concluded.  “I am still involved in 4-H and ALWAYS attend the camp each year.  4-H offers so many fun and engaging programs and learning opportunities. 4-H participation instills confidence in our youth and they develop useful skills that last a lifetime.  We hope that residents of the area will come and support our flea market again this year and help them earn their trip to camp this summer.”

Anyone seeking information abut reserving a table at this year’s 4-H Yard Sale & Flea Market should call 304-624-8650.