I’m Preparing For The Forecasted Winter Storm  


Grapevine by Rosalyn Queen Alonso

By the time you read this column, if all goes as predicted, we will be in the middle of the worst winter storm of this year.

As I have been continuing to unpack boxes, I ran across a few books that I could not remember reading, so I have set them aside in case I am snowed in and will need something to fill the time with. I have learned that you can only watch so much television and by the end of the day, I could probably fill in for any newscaster with a repeat of the news of the day.  To be really truthful, this news watching can become pretty depressing.  We have been watching the travel channel and enjoy the stories from the different countries.  Another of our favorites is American Pickers and we enjoy seeing the treasures they find among other peoples junk.  Three of my favorites game shows are Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right.  I have been able to fill my time watching the WVU basketball games and I look forward to watching the next tournament coming up.  I truly hope they go all the way so that I will have interesting television to watch.

I had a nice visit with my sister-in-law Kay and we were comparing notes on medicines that we are taking in the aftermath of cancer surgery. We have both agreed that there are many side effects and the main one is fatigue and muscle soreness.  I know that I have won the battle, but I am sure that the fight is not over. I hope that spring brings a new me … perhaps not a new me, but the me that I was.  I yearn to wake up full of enthusiasm and looking forward to getting things accomplished.  Believe me, I am grateful for where I am, but it is hard to sit still when you are a” do it” person.  I look forward to all the beauty spring will bring and the renewal of my soul and body.

I have decided that with the current forecast, this will be perfect soup weather.  I had a roast that Dave fixed on Sunday and I am putting the remains in a soup pot and making a big pot of vegetable soup for the storm days. I am fixated on toasted ham and cheese sandwiches and they go great with any kind of soup.  Top this off with a big salad and as the guy on television says, “It is so good.”

This past week I attended mass with Alexis Scott and we went to St. James church in North View for the noon service.  After mass we had lunch at Gourmet Café and the food was delicious. The French Onion soup was great and it is so simple to make at home.  Try it for your next meatless meal.    I have not been able to attend mass every day, but I am getting a few in during the week.

Remember this is Easter bread season and there are several groups making it to sale.  If you do not want to make it yourself, support these groups by buying a loaf. I know it is literally impossible to get anise seed.

Keep warm, be safe and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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