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Another new candidate that will appear on the June 2, 2020 Municipal Election ballot, hoping to gain one of the three at-large Council seats is Vance Sosinski.  Mr. Sosinski resides on Second Street in Shinnston and has made his home here in this community for the past 24 years. 


Although a Pennsylvania native, Vance says that his father originally hailed from Enterprise and other members of his family were not far away in Marion County. 


Vance has worked in retail for 40 years and currently works full-time at Ace Hardware in Shinnston.


This will be his first experience with City government.  He says that safety issues and the drug problem seem to be major concerns of local citizens.  That is why he began regularly attending City Council meetings and later got involved in the community’s launch of a Neighborhood Watch program. 


“Attending these meetings has been very informative and I have learned a lot.  I don’t attend to offer complaints but rather to listen and learn,” he offered.


Vance said that he sees progress being made by Council and would like to be more a part of that effort.  He also mentioned that he would like to see more equal representation and better distribution of Council members.


“As it stands currently, the south end of town where I live has only one representative and that is our mayor.  Representation from other areas of town are a little top heavy, so I would like to level that out somewhat by representing the citizens in neighborhoods on the City’s south end,” he added.


Vance continued, saying he supports the Shinnston Police Department 100% and feels that if given stricter ordinances, some the existing problems could be improved even more.


“There are those who criticize them for not doing enough to improve the drug problem,” he concluded.  “But I think it’s only fair to ask questions and hear their answers before criticizing because many times their hands are tied by guidelines they must follow and laws that are not enforceable.  Council is working on that so I see this situation improving.”


Although a newcomer to city government, Vance shows an interest and is eager to learn and anxious to serve his community.  He asks your consideration on Election Day.



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