Shinnston Senior Citizens News – April 27th, 2017


Happy belated Easter from the Shinnston Senior Citizens!

We met on Friday, April 14, 2017 for our Easter luncheon and meeting. Janet called us to order after our games of bingo and fellowship.  We pledged our allegiance to the flag and sang our national anthem. Joan Whiteman had the devotions for us and Stanley McIntire sang a beautiful song; we appreciated that.

Our prayer list consists of Brenda Nestor (finally got her surgery date on May 23rd), Gail Butcher and Libby, John Whiteman,  Connie’s cousin, Richard Murray, Tom Greaver, Jo Smith, Vivian Brown,  our president, leaders and country, the world leaders, all those on our previous lists, all those with hurts (both physical and emotional), friends, family and enemies.  Everyone is in a world of pain these days, so let us lift each other up in prayer.  We all need a loving touch from God.

No new or old business today.  We celebrated Janet’s birthday by singing Happy Birthday to her.  She received a small cake and a candy bar.  She isn’t quite old enough for the rose yet. Everyone one brought their treats for the Easter buckets and so we filled them up.  They were very nice.  Also did our chenille art again.  We tried to make bunnies…First prize – Jo Smith, Second – Connie Perkins and Third – Billie Allen.  They were all cute.

Ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, hot rolls along with all the other covered dishes that tasted out of this world, was our Easter lunch.  Tom asked the blessing over the food.  Everything looked and tasted so good.  I guess it does when someone else cooks for you.  Navonda, Nannette and helper Nancy took care of the kitchen.  We had pies for dessert.  Next week Connie will be in the kitchen and Jean, Deloris and Bette are the cake bakers.

Deloris Minor won the coverall bingo game.  50/50 drawing winner – Nancy Davis and guess jar – Louie Veltri.  This week everyone had a door prize – a bag with some treats and an Easter dish towel…very nice.  You need to come join our little group. We would love to have you.  The membership fee is just $8 for the year of 2017.

The members attending were Janet Dotson, Billie Allen, Connie Perkins, Donna Yelich, Elaine and Louie Veltri, Nancy Davis, Nannette Hixon, Libby Butcher, Deloris Minor, Tom Greaver, Stanley McIntire, Jo Smith, Jean Hornick, Paul Shaver, Joan Whiteman, Karen Flanigan, William and Navonda Hayhurst, Enith Wright and Bette Baughman. Steve and Joyce Miker joined us later after church services.

Thoughts for the week -” The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.   Children are a comfort in our old age, it is true; and very often children help us reach it faster, too. Triumph is just “umph” added to’try’.”- (The Vendor- April 12, 2017)

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