Enjoyed Our Visit With Sophie …She’s Only 11 But Smart As Some Adults!

Pine Bluff News
By Pat Matheny

Monday, I received a nice call from Wanda Ashcraft (Former Mayor). She told me that she had also been hounding the WVDOT about the road conditions over in the hollow.

She said she talked to District Engineer/Manager Ray Urse three times on the phone concerning the problems. Thanks very much Wanda for the extra help…we over in the hollow people appreciate it.

Also, Monday was our 51st Wedding Anniversary, but we chose not to go anywhere since we’ll be making a little trip next month. So, I decided to splurge and took Susie to the Outback Steakhouse (Her choice) by the mall for dinner. And I didn’t mind picking up the tip either.

Tuesday, I had an appointment at Minigh Family Dentistry in town. In the waiting room, it was nice talking with Sharon Roy of Cunningham Run. She and Steve are still punching cattle. Also, it was good to chat with Dental Assist/Receptionist Ramona (Aragona) Davoli. Her father Tom (Former Mayor) and I worked together at the old M&H Zinc Plant at Spelter and we became very good friends…he was a character, I sure miss him.

Following the appointment, I drove across the street to the Shop’n Save to pick up some necessities. I ran into Junior Nuzum at the checkout. He said that it looks like we might be going to war. I told him both of us were too old to offer any help anyway. He said, “I still remember the Morse code (He was a radio operator during WWII), but, he said, “They probably don’t use that any more”. I replied, “No doubt”.

Friday, they had to take my buddy Postal to the VA Emergency Room. He had slipped and fell a few times the day before, but on the last one, he heard something pop in his left knee. He strained all the ligaments, so, for right now he has a portable brace on his knee and is using crutches and can’t do anything for two weeks.

Friday afternoon, we did some running around and shopping. I stopped at the Shop’n Save again to pick up some non-essentials this time. I ran into the aforementioned Wanda and we had a nice talk. At checkout, it was nice chatting with Connie Peyton, another Bingamonite…she lives right above the bad slip in the road.

Friday evening, Berni with her granddaughter Miss Sophia Cottrell, came to spend the night. Sophia (A sweetheart) will be 12 years old and talks and acts smarter than most adults. She used the blender and made a strawberry milkshake, then popped a pizza in the oven to eat while she and the ladies played Yahtzee. I showed her where the junk drawer was located, plus told her that all the different drinks were in the back refrigerator. But, I told her if she wanted a beer that it was out in the garage refrigerator. She said, “My daddy wouldn’t allow me to do that”. I told her, “I’ve known your daddy all of his life and no doubt he had imbibed by the time he was your age”…she just laughed.

Sophie is in the sixth grade at Fairview Middle School and loves sports. She plays goalie for the school’s soccer team in the fall (At one point she had 82 saves out of 84 shots) and plays catcher/3rd base for the present softball team. Her nickname by the coaches and players is ‘Ninja’. Saturday, we took her to the Cracker Barrel in Fairmont. Her dad Charlie met us there and took her home. She is such a delightful young lady. And the restaurant’s pepper shakers still suck.

Until next time, have a great week and remember our Veterans.


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