Shinnston Senior Citizens News – May 11th, 2017


After pledging allegiance to our flag and singing the nation anthem, Janet called our meeting to order on Friday, April 28th, 2017.  We met once again at the American Legion building. Elaine had our devotions for us.  People on our prayer list are Judy Knoble, Brenda Nestor, Vivian Brown, Libby and Gail Butcher, Tom Greaver, Tom Claypoole, Kim Andrick, Bernard Jones, George and Patty Heitman, our country, president, leaders here and abroad and everyone on our previous lists.

We had no new or old business. We had a guest from the Clarksburg Center, Debbie Glaspell, who talked about low income nutrition for people 65 years of age and older. There are income guidelines to follow and you will receive a box of food if you qualify.  For information contact Debbie at 304-871-6513 or the Clarksburg Senior Center.

We had announcements about the Lions club breakfast, the spaghetti lunch at the senior center and don’t forget our lunches at the nutrition center May 17th and May 25th. Don’t forget to sign up for those. We also celebrated a late birthday – Margaret Yost.  We sang Happy Birthday to her and she received a small cake and candy bar (she also received a headache because of our singing…just teasing).

Stanley asked the blessing on our meal.  We had sausage gravy and biscuits along with lots of other wonderful covered dishes.  Stanley, Navonda and Nannette worked in the kitchen.  Next week is pot luck and volunteers in the kitchen.  Cake bakers will be Billie, Elaine and Margaret.

Our bingo coverall winners this week were Bette B., Tom G., and Stanley M…second week in a row for multiple winners.  Nancy D. won the 50/50 drawing (third time in a row).  Guess jars – Paul and Tom and 1st door prize – Donna Yelich.  We tried something different with the door prizes this week and we will see if everyone liked it; if not, we won’t do it again.

Members attending were Stanley McIntire, Tom Greaver, Elaine and Louie Veltri, Janet Dotson, Paul Shaver, Richard Murray, Judy Asel, Bette Baughman, Enith Wright, William and Navonda Hayhurst, Karen Flanigan, Joan Whiteman, Mary Stutler, Vivian Brown, Jean Hornick, Margaret Yost, Deloris Minor, Billie Allen, Donna Yelich, Nancy Davis and Nannette Hixon,

Thoughts for the week – “The best way to kill time is to get busy and work it to death.  Before judging a sermon, be sure to try it out in practice.  Even though you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.  And last but not least – All you have to do to be successful is follow the advice you give to others.”  (The Vendor – April 26, 2017.)   See you next week.  Come join us.





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