Food for Thought by Leigh Currey Merrifield

Are you ready to “spring” forward?

Daylight Saving Time begins in just a few days, and although it leaves many of us feeling a little confused for a while and knocks our schedules off somewhat, it is worth it to me.  Yes, I am one of those people who feels a bit “whacked out” until I get accustomed to the time change, but it’s much less difficult for me to spring forward in the Spring than it is to fall back in the Fall.  Even though I lose a precious hour of sleep that one night, I love gaining that extra hour of daylight every evening.  And an added plus is that the first day of Spring follows not far behind, and that means sunshine and warmth are on the way!

Every season has its drawbacks, I guess.  Most of those under the age of 18 begin to look forward to the school year ending.  Being able to drag out the hose to wash the car even sounds good to many of us as well as seeing the first bursts of color in the garden.  And who doesn’t like hearing the birds sing again?  Or starting the morning off with a cup of coffee on the patio?   And then there are the negatives … packing away the winter clothes … cutting the grass at least once a week … the dreaded spring cleaning … etc.

Speaking of the “dreaded spring cleaning”, wouldn’t this be nice?

T’was just days before Spring and all through my house

Things looked dirty and messy – even my spouse!

The curtains had yellowed, the walls needed paint;

There was so much to do, I almost felt faint!

The children were anxious to have longer days

To play outdoors and feel the sun’s rays.

My thoughts, however, turned toward cleaning,

Furniture needs dusting … windows need screening …

Closets, basement, garage … my list got so long,

I put on my apron and prayed I’d be strong.

Then I looked out the window and guess what appeared?

A housecleaning genie … Oh, my eyes nearly teared!

She was wearing a kerchief and slinging a mop;

She went right to work and didn’t stop.

Soon things were sparkling and smelled so good,

She had cleaned out my fridge, oven and hood.

She shampooed the carpet, waxed the laundry room floor,

Dusted under the beds, hung a wreath on the door.

She moved so fast – like a horse on the run;

I was afraid to blink … I’d miss something she’d done!

Then she went outside and got out the hose;

And washed the car before wiggling her nose.

She twirled around twice and disappeared, it would seem.

Then I heard my kids say, “Mom, you’re having a dream!”

Ah, yes, wouldn’t it be nice if some little nose-wiggling wizard waltzed into our homes wielding her dust cloths, Pledge, Mr. Clean and a bucket and worked a miracle for us?  It would make me tear up too!  Furthermore, I’d even be willing to make her some fresh-squeezed lemonade … or offer her a six-pack of cold beer if she’d show up at my door!

Seriously though, folks, we could probably all use a little housecleaning.  Instead of fretting about cleaning the house or clearing out closets or polishing the car, though, maybe we should give ourselves a good once-over!  Throw out worries and complaints; they make us stressed.  Get rid of inhibitions; they just crowd us.  Do away with doubts; make room for new growth.  Leave the past behind; replace it with some new goals.  Instead of “I might” or “I should”, try “I can” and “I will”.  Do away with guilt and grudges; dust off some old friends.  Leave room on your shelf for prayer, hope and faith.  Make time to smile … laugh … and find a little peace.

Happy Housecleaning!  And don’t forget to move your clocks forward on Sunday, March 12th!

This week’s dessert:  “My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.”  ~ Erma Bombeck