Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Words of Wellness by Jill Fratto, Life and Health Coach

I may have talked about pushing the limits of your comfort zone before, but it is on my mind today as I think of people who constantly pass up opportunities because they can’t seem to inch out of what they do habitually every day.

It’s not always big things that hold us back and make us scared.  Sometimes just going into a new situation can be daunting enough to make us stay home on the couch watching Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory … again.

So how do you get past that cozy energy that surrounds you and keeps you from trying — and maybe enjoying — new things in life?  It’s not easy, but it can be energizing and liberating if you try it.  Start by doing something small.  This can be anything from starting a friendly conversation with a stranger to calling someone you haven’t talked to in such a long time that you are worried about how they will react when they hear from you.  Pushing ourselves to do little things boosts our confidence and our energy and makes room for bigger steps.

So how do you take the next step and do something bigger that makes you afraid?  First, we have to become aware of what we fear. If you are truly honest with yourself, what it is that is really holding you back?  Ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?”.  Are you afraid of talking to new people or going into unfamiliar situations?  Are you afraid your friends or family will think you are crazy for something new that you want to do?  Usually, once we realize what we are afraid of, it gets a little easier to face it.  Usually, what we fear on the other side of the door is not as bad as we imagined.

Next, realize that EVERYONE has fears that keep them in their comfort zones.  Everyone is uncomfortable at some level.   It feels like everyone else’s life is perfect, but at the end of the day, we are all going through similar life experiences.   We are all connected and we all deal with ups and downs.  Once you know and accept your fears, take the time to examine each one and then start to let go of it.  This will help you build the courage to take one step out of your comfort zone at a time so that you can have new experiences and expand your view of life.

Try it!  You may find something out there that inspires and energizes you that you didn’t even know existed.  I’m here cheering you on!

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