Join  “100+Women Who Care”  & Support Our Non Profit Organizations In Harrison County

Grapevine by Rosalyn Queen Alonso

A unique organization has been started to help nonprofit organizations in Harrison County. The name of the organization is 100+ Women Who Care.

The goal of the chapter is to secure at least 100 women who are willing to support it.  There are no membership dues, but you must fill out a membership blank to become a member. The group meets quarterly and presentations are made from non profits who are seeking funding to support an ongoing or new program of their organization. The members vote on the project they feel should receive the funding. It is suggested that each member donate $100.00 quarterly and that the check be made out to the winning project.  Although this is only a suggestion, any donation amount will be accepted.  Last quarter The League for Service received the grant and this quarter The Back Pak Program will get the money. Meetings last about an hour and the members are encouraged to mix and meet for an exchange of ideas. Membership is open to anyone.  For more information, contact Natalie or Deanna Mason at 304-476-9243 or 304-669-9597.

One of the benefits of moving and being able to take your time is finding items that you did not know or forgot you had. This past week this just happened to me.  Most of you know that I collect cook books and I received quite a few from my mother-in-law Alice Queen.  At the bottom of the box was this hard cover book entitled Presbyterian Cook Book compiled by the ladies of the First Presbyterian Church of Dayton, Ohio. It notes the book was published in 1886. Some of the written notations in the front cover claim that the book was a gift to Samantha Parks around December 1895 and she resided in Overfield, Barbour County.  It was a gift from May Parks.  It has several different sections, but one of interest to me was Food For The Sick and under miscellaneous it had remedies for burns, diphtheria and rheumatism.  It also had a section on furs and carpets keeping away moths. I do not know if I will ever try any of the recipes, but I assure you it will provide me with a lot of good reading that I promise to share with you.

The Route 50 Yard Sale is coming to Clarksburg and is being sponsored by the Progressive Women’s Association. It will be held on Saturday, May 20 in Uptown Clarksburg. It started in 2000 and is held each year the weekend before Memorial Day.  It serves to Promote tourism along Route 50 and it is our hope that we will attract many visitors to our city. If you cannot be a part of it, at least plan on doing some shopping. You have plenty of time to make arrangements to sell items that you no longer can use, or maybe crafts that you make. Since there will be limited space, be sure to get your reservation in early. To secure a space or for information, you may contact Coordinator Tammy Gragg at 304- 624- 6881.

Continue to keep in contact with me and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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